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Job seekers regularly find entry-level work with buffet-style restaurant chain Souplantation. Career-oriented applicants may obtain lucrative management jobs with the company. In need of dedicated staff members, the business operates over 120 company-owned locations throughout the United States.

Facts About Working at Souplantation

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Souplantation?)

Available Positions: Team Member, Cashier, Cook, Assistant Manager, Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Souplantation Job Opportunities

Opened in 1978, the restaurant persists as a prominent salad bar chain in the food service industry. Owned by the Garden Fresh Restaurant Corporation, company locations in Southern California bear the Souplantation name, while virtually identical restaurants elsewhere operate under the moniker Sweet Tomatoes. Under both names, the restaurants prove ideal sources for applicants to find meaningful employment. Turnover rates and commercial expansion spur job creation with the business.

Plentiful entry-level jobs remain available with Souplantation. Applicants with reliable transportation and willingness to learn often find work with the company. Restaurant staff operate under the direction of service, production, and general managers. Candidates with leadership experience often prove excellent for managerial roles with the company. In addition, corporate job opportunities may become available through continued dedication and passion for work. Business-minded individuals may apply online for jobs at the company headquarters in San Diego, CA.

Souplantation Pay Scales and Employment Information

Employment hopefuls 16 years of age and older may apply for jobs with the foodservice chain. Company associates regularly receive free or reduced-priced meals, advancement opportunities, versatile scheduling options, and paid training in friendly work environments. Entry-level Souplantation employees typically start out earning minimum wage. The following positions remain accessible to job seekers:


  • Cashiers handle cash payments and bank card transactions at the point of sales.
  • Employees also provide enthusiastic greetings to patrons upon arrival to Souplantation restaurants.
  • Typical responsibilities include issuing change, providing receipts, guiding customers to seating areas, and maintaining workstation cleanliness.
  • Applicants with friendly and outgoing personalities tend to make ideal cashiers.
  • Individuals should prove able to remain on foot without tiring, as the position entails periods of prolonged standing.
  • Cashier jobs remain available to interested job seekers with little-to-no formal work experience.


  • Generally accessible to employment hopefuls without prior work histories or educational requirements, dishwasher jobs involve cleaning plates, cups, silverware, serving utensils, and cookware after use.
  • Duties may also include cleanup, stocking, and re-organizing storage areas.
  • Though no formal experience stands necessary to obtain the positions, job seekers with previous work experience as dishwashers may gain additional consideration during the hiring process.
  • Motivated applicants with availability including evenings and weekends make ideal candidates for dishwasher jobs.

Tips For Applying

Job seekers may apply online or in person for work with Souplantation. The company prefers to hire individuals with open availabilities. Interviewers often ask questions about hobbies, personality traits, and hypothetical work situations to determine if candidates fit with company culture. Answer calmly and honestly. Focus responses on personal motivations and integrity, passion for customer service, and dedication to excellent standards of work.

Application Status

After submitting hiring forms, candidates should wait about one week before making follow-up inquires to check on application statuses. Staffing personnel typically call qualified applicants to set up interviews; however, following up sooner shows dedication and interest for the position at hand. When speaking with hiring managers wait until duties permit managers to speak to respect the importance of job responsibilities currently delegated to management employees.

Benefits of Working at Souplantation

Corporate employees and operations managers enjoy attractive employment benefits packages with the restaurant chain. Work benefits often include:

  • Health insurance
  • Incorporating medical
  • Dental and vision coverage
  • 401(k) retirement plans, and
  • Paid sick time and vacation days.

Performance-based bonuses, flexible hours, compensation for travel and/or relocation, and competitive salary options also draw applicants to seek work with the chain. Job benefits may prove available to select full-time workers employed in other positions, as well.

Further Details on Souplantation

Souplantation provides health-friendly dietary choices for customers of differing needs. The chain offers both vegetarian and vegan options. In addition, the business accommodates individuals with particular allergies by providing alternatives such as gluten-free foods. The company also maintains detailed nutrition information for all available food products to help customers make healthier meal choices.

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