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Nearly the largest subsidiary of Edison International, Southern California Edison (SCE) provides electricity services to roughly 14 million people. The workforce, approximately 13,500 and growing, ensures customers obtain reliable and affordable power, with job titles opening regularly.

Facts About Working at Southern California Edison

Minimum Age to Work at Southern California Edison: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Southern California Edison?)

Southern California Edison Hours of Operation: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at Southern California Edison: Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Lineman, Grounds Crew Member, Electrician, Electric Technician, Electrical Engineer, Project Engineer, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Planning Analyst, Scheduler, Dispatcher, Estimator, Claims Adjuster, Software Developer

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Southern California Edison Job Opportunities

Most of Southern California relies on the company as a primary electricity source, as service areas span 50,000 square miles. The energy outfit owns electrical transmission facilities and equipment as well as hydroelectric plants. Regulated gas and water operated by SCE provides Avalon, CA, with service under the names Catalina Island Gas and Catalina Island Water Company, as well. The company fills jobs with individuals interested in working toward the future of energy. Inventive workers should fill out applications to create smarter grids, cleaner energy, and energy-efficient tools. Experience with electrical transmissions system, information technology, and/or customer service greatly benefits workers during the application process. Additional hiring requirements center on formal education.

As a utility company highly regarded for diverse practices, SCE hires individuals with unique viewpoints and perspectives to drive the company forward. Committed to innovation, creativity, and collaboration, workplaces maintains highly inclusive atmospheres. Individuality comes from an array of life experiences, cultures, ethnicities, and genders. In 2014, the West Coast energy provider ranked number one in the Annual Diversity Report at Diversity, Inc. and LatinaStyle continuously rank the company in the top 50 places to work for. The energy supplier also proudly supports veterans and utilizes the skills and talents of military members to fill positions.

Southern California Edison Careers and Salary Information

Openings become available and pertain to almost all areas of running an energy utility outfit. Entry-level candidates maintaining high school diplomas or equivalents find positions in the field and in office settings. Additional employment opportunities may present in management, corporate, and as professionals. Most jobs require interaction with customers or at the very least coworkers and other agencies. Workers should also possess interest in the energy industry and helping the community. The following job titles frequently employ qualified candidates with little experience:

Administrative Aide

  • Employees perform general administrative and clerical duties on regular bases.
  • Common responsibilities may include reviewing and processing mail, editing and finalizing documents, and scheduling meetings.
  • High school graduates possess ideal education levels and may earn salary packages of $15.00 to $16.00 an hour.
  • Previous employment in administration or as secretaries serves beneficially.
  • Candidates should also demonstrate experience with processing and tracking orders and invoices.
  • Occasionally, administrative aides utilize computer software such as Microsoft Excel to track the progress of projects and tasks.

Substation Operator

  • Pay rates ascend to $19.00 an hour with proper qualifications.
  • Previous knowledge in the principles of electricity and basics of physics aid in gaining employment.
  • Required skills normally stem from high school educations and training from former operating positions.
  • Highly-motivated individuals work under the direction of switching center operators to inspect instruments and equipment.
  • Substation operators follow step-by-step instructions to protect supplies and restore service.
  • Employees should recognize abnormal conditions by reading meters and instruments.
  • Occasionally, general housekeeping and gardening accompanies responsibilities.

Operations Analyst

  • For management use, operations analysts prepare spreadsheets and written reports on key initiatives.
  • Workers present findings in clear, concise summaries based on gathered and interpreted data.
  • Recommendations assist in resolving identified issues and concerns.
  • Employees may perform administrative tasks, such as scheduling meetings, developing agendas, and taking notes.
  • Associate’s degrees offer competitive edges; however, experience may suffice if applicants lack education.
  • Hourly wages begin at $15.00 and climb to $17.00 with advanced experience and education.
  • Workers should demonstrate superior abilities to interface with stakeholders and gather enough information to support meeting objectives.
  • Staff members also work under pressure and handle multiple assignments simultaneously.

Tips For Applying

The search for eligible candidates looking to join company teams remains constant at Southern California Edison. Individuals should apply online for positions meeting personal experience and education levels. After selecting job listings, contenders submit online applications by creating profiles. Hopefuls upload resumes or enter information step by step. Email addresses remain mandatory when submitting applications as well as usernames and passwords. Profile fields must stay under 3,000 characters and should only include relevant experience.

Application Status

Members from the Talent Acquisition team contact qualified individuals by phone or email to move forward in the hiring process. Email notifications go out to candidates who lack qualifications. However, individuals missing the necessary credentials should continue to scan opportunities in the career portal for future openings and fill out applications at later dates. The average wait period lasts approximately three to four weeks before interviews. Candidates check statuses of applications by logging onto accounts and reviewing the job page tab. After 45 days, applicants should reach out to recruiters to follow up on submissions.

Employment Benefits at Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison delivers comprehensive employment benefits packages to eligible workers. Medical insurance and preventive health serve as starting points for exceptional healthcare coverage. Individuals contribute to 401(k) retirement plans with generous company matching to help meet future financial goals. Staff members also utilize employee assistance programs, life insurance, and discounts on electricity services. To help expand skills and advance careers, tuition reimbursement guides workers into reaching professional goals. The company actively supports carpooling and public transportation as well as volunteer incentive grants and gift programs.

Further Information about Southern California Edison

Consumers save money and conserve energy in the Energy Savings Assistance programs for income-qualified households. Customers may earn eligibility for free appliances and installation, air conditioners, home efficiency solutions, and much more. Appliance upgrades include cooling measures, refrigerators, pool pumps, lightning, and weatherization services. Qualified candidates receive electric services from residential meters and either own a home or rent. The ESA Program also insists applicants qualify for public assistance or meet low-income guidelines. Interested patrons may fill out application forms disclosing household and salary information.

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