Southwest Airlines Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring process information for an interview at Southwest Airlines

What to Expect From the Hiring Process

Major airliner Southwest already manages a workforce of more than 45,000 employees. As one of the biggest air travel providers in the industry, Southwest routinely looks to hire new workers for a number of job opportunities. Individuals looking for a career in the airline industry may apply for Southwest jobs, like ticket agent, baggage handler, mechanic, and flight attendant positions. To begin the hiring and interviewing process, Southwest Airlines employment hopefuls must create an online profile with the following components: job history, job skills, education, personal professional achievements, and other factors that may influence hiring probability.

Multiple Interviews

Regardless of position, Southwest Airlines interviews usually consist of multiple stages. The initial session involves a representative from Southwest who contacts multiple applicants and deliberates among candidates. Additional staff members that participate in the Southwest interview process include department officials, independent investigators, and employees from Human Resources. Some stages of the interview process may seem repetitive, though the process is used to make calculated decisions toward qualified applicants.

Typical Interview Questions

Interview questions most commonly heard during the Southwest Airlines hiring process relate to working in the airline industry, customer service skills, work ethic, and dedication to performance. Many questions pull information directly from applicant resumes or online job profiles. Common phrases include:

  • "Do you enjoy flying?"
  • "Do you enjoy serving people?"
  • "How do you handle stress on the job?"
Candidates should cite personal experience or talk about previous situations encountered that enforce skills and abilities while communicating effectively and clearly.

What to Wear

The right physical appearance often conveys confidence and professionalism. Business attire represents suitable clothing for each Southwest job interview in addition to neatly styled hair and good hygiene.

Acing Your Interview

Non-verbal communication may prove just as important during the Southwest Airlines interview process. Applicants should remain seated, upright, and avoid nervous ticks or jitters. However, staying too rigid should be discouraged, as well. Maintain eye contact and communicate in well-thought-out sentences as much as possible.

4 user comments:

  1. ganesh


    I have been scheduled for a phone interview on thursday for quality control technology intern.. whst type of questions can I expect.. any comments..

  2. Raul


    I had my interview today lasted 5 mins.. she asked me a couple of question about my past jobs and why I lefft and why did I want to work for them

  3. Yvonne James

    I have my first phone interview today at 2:30…any words of wisdom???

  4. Jen

    I had an interview for flight attendant in 2007 not sure if they do it the same way. They gave me a free flight to Arizona (from las vegas) from there you find the shuttle and they take you to a building and you fill out a couple more paperworks and there’s a bunch of people who attended as well. (about 40 people) we had to go up infront of people pick a piece a paper out of a hat (type deal) and say the spiel on the mic, then you tell them a situation you had with a difficult customer. you get something in the mail about a month later whether you got the job or not. **heads up they like thin people, clean blonde pretty people.


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