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Placing about 160,000 individuals in fields related to personal work aspirations, Spherion Staffing and Recruiting services remains a well-known name in temporary job placement. Founded in 1946, the company retains a presence in 32 of the 50 states, with headquarters in Florida.

Facts About Working at Spherion Staffing Services

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Spherion Staffing And Recruiting?)

Available Positions: Administrator, Customer Service Representative, Area Manager, Call Center Representative, Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Clerk, Word Processor, Secretary, Receptionist, Data Entry Personnel, Office Manager, Laborer, Electronic Assembler, Riveter

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Spherion Staffing Services Job Opportunities

With over 65 years of experience in the industry, the staffing company continues to build a reputable name with several large businesses and corporations. Putting an investment in both the individuals looking for work and the companies for which Spherion recruits, the temp service goes to great lengths to ensure each placement fulfills the needs of both parties. In order to accomplish such a task, the staffing company takes time to learn about individual professional goals and interests as well as the environments and teams individuals may eventually operate within. The temp services also offers unique training programs so individuals associated with the company continue to receive the levels of quality expected.

Though the staffing service specializes in filling temporary positions, potential hires may receive full-time, long-term work depending on the needs of each hiring company. Spherion offers four basic hiring plans: flexible staffing, temp-to-hire, direct-hire placements, and project-based staffing. Flexible staffing stands as temporary, wherein individuals sent from the staffing service must fill a specific role for the hiring company, such as covering for maternity leave or helping during peak business seasons. Temp-to-hire staffing holds the possibility of turning short-term job placement into long-term employment and stands viewed as a trial period. Direct-hire serves as permeant placement. Project-based staffing calls for temporary positions needed to fulfill a company goal.

Spherion Screening Process

To continue offering excellent staffing services, Spherion dedicates many resources to ensuring potential hires stand capable and ideal candidates. Individuals looking for work through the staffing service should expect to go through an extensive screening process. Though necessary verifications vary based on the type of job and the needs of the hiring company, potential hires may remain required to provide references, employment history, worker’s compensation claims, proofs of education, and driving records. Additionally, individuals may stand subject to background, credit, and criminal record checks as well as drug testing. The staffing company also heavily weighs the ideals of hiring companies with the capabilities and skills demonstrated by potential hires, as mutually beneficial relationships remain the ultimate goal.

Expected Compensation and Possible Job Settings

The temp service places individuals in both entry-level positions and jobs which require more seasoned professionals. Spherion specializes in administrative and clerical work, contact centers and customer service, light industrial jobs, non-clinical health care, and professional specialties, such as jobs in accounting or technology. During the screening process, potential hires must specify which fields best fit personal objectives and skill sets. The temp service uses the information to specifically place the individuals. Common job placements include receptionists, work in construction or warehouses, customer service representatives, medical record clerks, help desk specialists, network engineers, and software application developers. Though pay greatly depends on the work the potential hires receive, entry-level positions generate average hourly wages of $8.00 to $11.00, while more intensive work may receive average salary options between $40,000 and $60,000 a year.

Tips For Applying

The staffing service maintains a list of positions made available online. Potential hires maintain the ability to filter positions by location and expected length of job and should check the list often for work which suits needs and capabilities. Applicants also benefit from keeping updated resumes and remaining aware of personal strengths and weaknesses. Since Spherion deals with a range of professions, potential hires should continue to develop awareness of personal goals. Knowing which industry best outfits personal abilities and holding clear idea of objectives makes the placement process smooth and potentially cuts the time of unemployment.

Application Status

Spherion remains a locally owned and operated business. Each office handles the callback process differently depending on the management; however, potential hires should receive a call within a month after applying as to whether the temp agency plans to place each individual. Additionally, frequent calls to the local office to inquire about future placement may prove beneficial and ensure local staffing service workers view individuals as priorities.

Benefits of Working at Spherion

Due to the nature of working with a temp service, Spherion cannot guarantee job benefits for all employees, especially for individuals placed in interim or part-time positions. However, some temp-to-hire and direct-hire postings provide handsome employment benefit packages. Potential employee benefits include enrollment in 401(k) retirement plans, disability coverage, stock purchase plans, family medical leave, life insurance, medical and vision plans, referral bonuses, and service bonuses.

Additional Information on Spherion

As a company and nationally recognized name, Spherion takes pride in employee retention and the use of modern technology to support productivity. With the help of polling firm Nielsen Consumer Insights, the temp service started gathering data in 1997 in an attempt to answer whether generation matters in the office. The study focused on how technology affects the social aspect of working in an office, how Human Resources might retain five different generations in one workplace, and whether social media helps keep employees engaged and productive. Furthermore, the study determined one in four employees make judgments about coworkers and supervisors based on age.

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