Spherion Staffing Services Interview Questions & Tips

Matching Skills With Job Openings

When interviewing for a position with Spherion Staffing, candidates should dress accordingly and present confident yet professional manners. Staffing prospects generally participate in interviews once hiring requests have been filed with local offices online. Recruiters match candidates with available positions based on skill sets and employment backgrounds. Some individuals may attend multiple consultations before hiring staff extend job offers, during which both persistence and patience play crucial roles in obtaining employment. The availability of jobs and applicable skills of potential workers generally dictate the amount of time spent working with the staffing firm to secure employment.

What to Expect During the Hiring Process

Spherion Staffing provides opportunities for individuals who desire to join day-to-day operations, as well. Entry-level job seekers in the hunt for positions like recruiter or career counselor may obtain interviews by visiting local offices or through referrals. Applicants may need to complete online assessments before hearing from hiring managers. Recruitment personnel review applications and typically set up interviews via email or phone. Candidates generally participate in one face-to-face interview before shadowing current employees to view daily routines. Interview questions often focus on availability, ability to work in stressful situations, and queries related to flexibility in the workplace. Job offers tend to follow initial interviews, though some candidates may need to follow up frequently with hiring managers in order to determine job status.

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