Spirit Airlines Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Spirit Airlines

The company hires talented workers from all career backgrounds. Job seekers can apply online for inflight cabin crew, customer service, ground crew, corporate jobs, and more. The Spirit Airlines interview process uses different formats depending on the area of employment.

Cabin Crew or Flight Attendant Interview Process

Group Interviews First

Inflight positions typically start out with group meetings where a panel from Spirit Airlines asks interview questions. Candidates speak about themselves and their work history in front other hopefuls. There may also be a presentation to discuss parts of the job like expectations and pay rates.

Several Individual Interviews

Those who are successful must then go through one-on-one interviews for Spirit Airlines careers. During this step, a manager will ask more specific questions regarding job duties. They might also inquire about the company itself or your knowledge of the aviation industry.

Ramp Agent or Ground Crew Interview Process


These positions typically only meet face-to-face. However, a potential employee will likely attend multiple sessions in person. Each one could entail more specific lines of questioning.

Know the Job Requirements

The hiring staff tends to ask tougher questions after each step. Jobs on the ground involve behavior- and scenario-based inquiries. It's best to know what the company expects before heading into these Spirit Airlines interviews.

Guest Service Agent Interview Process

Focus on Customers

The job interview for guest service agents could involve any of the styles previously mentioned. The biggest point to remember is that anyone applying for this role should show a commitment to customer service. Make sure to mention any related work experience if possible.

A Range of Spirit Airlines Interview Questions

What Will Employers Ask?

Spirit Airlines' inquiries range from simple, personal questions, to detailed, work-related situations. Since these differ between positions, it may be hard to prepare. However, practicing answers to some of the most common is a good idea. These include interview questions like:

When responding, it's best to be brief and straightforward. Stalling or rambling can reflect poorly on your ability to think on your feet. Always speak clearly and smile during Spirit Airlines job interviews.

How Should You Dress?

What to Wear to a Spirit Airlines Interview

Business or formal attire is appropriate for most interviews at Spirit. Jobs that involve customer interaction require a professional appearance, so candidates should stick to this ethos in order to move on in the hiring process. Conservative clothing is best for both men and women. Certain positions forbid visible tattoos as well.

Continuing to the Hiring Process

A Few More Steps

Before getting the job, workers may be subject to security measures, like fingerprinting, photographs, and background checks. Some roles may also involve training as part of the hiring process. Applicants usually hear whether they have advanced within a couple weeks after their Spirit Airlines interviews.


  • samantha says:

    how does their bidding system work for flight attendantts? how long is one on reserve? do they have an union? who do they have travel privilege agreements with?

  • deborah duvdevani says:

    i had been called for an interview but could not complete the process as i was closing on an apartment. unfortunately, the date of closing would have fallen in the training period.
    i was told that this would not interfere with future hiring.
    i see that you are still accepting applications for the position of csa (p/t) in ft. lauderdale. my application is still on file.
    will i be called for an interview?

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