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Hiring process information for an interview at Spirit Airlines

Diverse Hiring Process

A leader in the airline industry, Spirit Airlines hires talented individuals across multiple career fields. Areas of employment at Spirit Airlines include cabin crew, customer service, flight crew, and corporate. Spirit Airlines incorporates several different formats into the screening process, including phone, group, individual, and panel interviews. In many cases, Spirit Airlines holds interviews at hotels.

Interview Process For Cabin Crew

The Spirit Airlines interview process tends to differ by employment area. For cabin crew members, the Spirit Airlines interview process begins with a group interview where applicants talk about themselves in front of other candidates and a panel of HR personnel. Following group interviews, applicants need to go through individual interviews with members of the recruitment team. Individual interviews include common questions, such as:

  • "Why did you choose Spirit Airlines?"
  • "How would you improve Spirit?"

Ramp Agent Interviews

Positions like ramp agent or administrative worker typically do not require group interviews with Spirit Airlines. Job hopefuls generally go through multiple sessions of face-to-face and panel interviews. Managers often test applicants by posing behavioral and scenario inquiries. Applicants may expect to answer questions, such as: "When an upset customer makes insulting comments about you or Spirit Airlines, how do you respond?"

Tips for Success

Job hopefuls should step into Spirit Airlines interviews dressed in outfits appropriate for formal business settings. During interviews, applicants should exhibit enthusiasm and passion for customer care. Answers to questions should remain brief yet informative. If needed, hiring representatives will ask for further explanations.

Following Through With the Hiring Process

After the Spirit Airlines interview process concludes, successful applicants are fingerprinted, photographed, and run through background checks. To learn of intent to hire, an applicant should contact an HR representative within two weeks of completing the final Spirit Airlines job interview.

2 user comments:

  1. samantha

    how does their bidding system work for flight attendantts? how long is one on reserve? do they have an union? who do they have travel privilege agreements with?

  2. deborah duvdevani

    i had been called for an interview but could not complete the process as i was closing on an apartment. unfortunately, the date of closing would have fallen in the training period.
    i was told that this would not interfere with future hiring.
    i see that you are still accepting applications for the position of csa (p/t) in ft. lauderdale. my application is still on file.
    will i be called for an interview?


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