SportClips Interview Questions & Tips

Phone Screenings

Applicants who show proficiency in sales and customer service as well as expertise in cosmetology often enjoy the up-tempo work environments of SportClips. Founded on the principle that men need haircuts over the traditional beauty salon experience, the company offers applicants consistent and straightforward job opportunities through locations spread out across the United States. Promising candidates often face phone interviews as prescreening, which are used to determine whether individuals advance to one-on-one interview sessions.

Face-to-Face Interviews

Face-to-face interviews and technical skill demonstrations typically precede formal job offers. Job seekers may receive an employment offer after the initial interview; however, some candidates face a longer hiring process, and recruitment personnel may take up to three weeks before making employment decisions.

What To Expect During the Hiring Process

SportClips uses the interview process as an opportunity to touch on topics common to the industry, including appropriate dress to wear on the job, codes of conduct, training opportunities, and daily procedures for the haircut chain. Interview questions tend to focus on prior experience, education, and a presentation of applicable skills, usually by cutting a model's hair. After successfully traversing the hiring process, applicants may need to submit to drug testing and criminal background checks before commencing work with the popular hair salon chain.

Typical Interview Questions

Some common interview questions applicants face include:

  • "Can you be a team-player?"
  • "Would you consider yourself capable of performing a fast, but exceptional haircut?"
  • "Tell me about a time you had a difficult client in your chair. How did you handle yourself?"


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