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Stage operates as the namesake department store chain of retail conglomerate Stage Stores Inc. One of the largest department store chains in the Midwest, South, and along the East Coast, the retailer boasts over 850 locations under different banners and maintains 14,500 employees in 40 states across the U.S. Applicants find varying opportunities at Stage Stores boasting solid pay and work benefits.

Facts About Working at Stage

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Stage?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Cashier, Clinique Counter Manager, Beauty Advisor, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Utilities Analyst, Supervisor, Estee Lauder Counter Manager, Legal Counsel, Allocation Analyst, Media Coordinator, Claims and Safety Coordinator, Pricing Accuracy Assistant, Information Center Specialist, Buyer, Corporate Planner, Merchant Training Coordinator, Regional Fragrance Account Coordinator, Store Manager Trainee, Marketing Manager, Human Resources Manager, Internal Auditor, Database Marketing Analyst, Administrative Assistant

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Stage Job Opportunities

The department store chain only requires applicants meet minimum age requirements to assume entry-level positions. Careers in management usually feature higher age minimums to work and at least some previous and related experience. High school diplomas also regularly serve as hiring requirements for managerial candidates. Applicant personality typically factors into overall hiring decisions, as well. Individuals who exhibit the ability to follow directions, the capacities to perform mild-to-moderate manual labor, and highly personable attitudes fair well during the Stage hiring process.

With a widespread presence in multiple regions throughout the United States, the retail chain provides ongoing access to entry-level jobs and professional careers. The average store encompasses roughly 18,000sqft. per location, which opens up dozens of opportunities to find work with the prominent chain. Jobs available include department-oriented positions featuring both part-time, flexible schedules and more rigid, full-time schedules, with competitive base pay and salary options afforded based on previous experience and other qualifications. The mostly Eastern United States retailer looks to fill customer service, sales, and stocking positions at each location on a consistent basis.

Stage Employment and Salary Information

Stage requires applicants to stand at least 18-years old in order to receive hiring consideration for both entry-level jobs and careers in management. Workers may find additional job opportunities in the company corporate offices; however, the most readily available positions sit at the store-level. Department store jobs consistently for hire include:


  • Traditionally a part-time, entry-level job, cashier positions feature basic mathematics and customer service responsibilities.
  • Ideal candidates perform and complete tasks quickly and efficiently and enjoy working with the general public.
  • Key duties range from operating computerized cash registers and completing transactions to providing change, bagging purchases, and answering questions about sale items or other merchandise.
  • A typical cashier earns minimum wage pay at start.
  • Hourly wages may reach $9.00 with experience.

Sales Associate

  • Stage sales associates work in various capacities at each location.
  • Primarily used as points of contact with customers, sales associates generally answer questions about products, services, and policies, locate items on the sales floor, and cater to patron needs.
  • Sales associates also carry out basic maintenance in store aisles, such as fixing or erecting displays, organizing shelves, and assisting in stocking products.
  • Specific tasks vary by department, which may include work in cosmetics, clothing, home goods, and fashion accessories.
  • Pay scales for sales associates also hover between minimum wage and $9.00.


  • The chain of department stores offers five tiers of managerial opportunities beginning with supervisor positions and scaling up to store manager careers.
  • Applicants looking for work as department store supervisors typically carry out the same job duties as sales associates in addition to motivating and organizing subordinate employees.
  • As applicants move up into positions of higher responsibility, workers take on administrative roles.
  • Associates in store manager in training, store manager, assistant store manager, and senior assistant store manager maintain several key aspects of operations, including performing opening and closing procedures, reconciling cash drawers and signing off on daily totals, hiring and training new employees, setting schedules, ordering new products and maintaining inventory and merchandise levels, and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Other job duties may include payroll, sales analysis, and marketing.
  • Entry-level supervisor positions yield $10.00 or more per hour, on average.
  • Managers in training and senior-level career opportunities at the store level provide salary options falling between $30,000 and $60,000 annually.

Tips For Applying

Filling out application forms online gives prospective employees the opportunity to preview jobs before applying. Candidates may look through dozens of positions available, complete with breakdowns of daily responsibilities, prior to submitting hiring forms. However, paper applications attainable in-store provide applicants the same access to available jobs, while possibly increasing the odds of receiving on-the-spot interview consideration, as many hiring managers review candidates upon receipt of employment documents.

Application Status

Job seekers usually receive phone calls with word of hiring determinations from the retail chain. Some potential employees cite job offers being made during what proves the final interview in the hiring process. The average candidate receives a determination within a week or so of completing all stages of the formal review process. After the allotted time, workers may inquire about application status by either calling or visiting a location and asking to speak with a corresponding manager. The department store generally places specific managers in charge of hiring in each department. Research the appropriate contact prior to making follow-up calls or visits to ensure speaking to the right individual about potentially joining the staff.

Benefits of Working at Stage

The major retail chain provides exceptional work benefits across the network of stores. Eligible workers qualify for insurance options, financial planning assistance, and vacation time. Typical job benefits packages include:

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Group medical and dental plans
  • Personal days
  • Holidays off
  • Tuition reimbursement, and tax-exempt savings plans

Stage also offers merchandise discounts.

More Details on Stage

Stage stores maintains close, working relationships with suppliers in order to streamline operations and meet industry standards. Suppliers may log in to a special web portal accessible through the company website to gain access to the rules and regulations partners must follow in order to do business with the department store. Labeling often serves as one of the main supply chain requirements the retailer polices. Other requirements vary product to product.


  • Julie Bazan says:

    Good part time job, good retail experience, good customer service, getting to know people is good, and you seem to develop that good customer relations with everyone. The store is always clean, crisp and well managed. It always seems to be a happy place to work. Employees are always helpful and polite.

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