Stage Interview Questions & Tips

Beginning the Hiring Process

Job seekers may begin the Stage hiring process through employee referrals or by dropping off resumes and cover letters at a desired location. The retail chain also allows workers to use the careers page on the company website to find work. From beginning to end, applicants generally spend about two to four weeks interviewing for desired positions and awaiting phone calls or emails to schedule interview sessions. In some instances, the job interview process may only take a few days.

One-on-One Interviews

Management hopefuls often spend as much time in the interview process as entry-level workers, although managers generally undergo two job interviews, whereas entry-level applicants traditionally sit through a single interview. Upon receiving invitations to interview, applicants schedule an accommodating time to come into the location of preference and formally meet with a hiring manager. Stage job interviews use the 1:1 format. Managerial candidates may encounter panel interviews with as many as two hiring managers moderating the proceedings at a given session. Managerial hopefuls may also encounter phone interviews to begin the hiring process, which may serve as one of the two job interviews typical for the position.

Interview Questions

Typical interview questions center on situational circumstances, such as:

  • "Can you name a time when you were already busy and someone asked you to take on another assignment?"
  • "If you witnessed a theft, how would you react?"
The interview questions used during the hiring process typically play into the role playing techniques used by the attending managers.Stage also poses direct questions regarding both personal and professional experiences relating to the position desired.

Tips For Success

The department store retailer likes to employ the use of roleplaying to screen potential employees. The interview technique helps hiring representatives understand better how an applicant might react in a certain situation. Reviewing past employment history and coming up with potential responses to possible interview questions prove some of the best ways to prepare for job interviews. Sensible and professional clothing, along with positive attitudes and genuine enthusiasm, also go a long way to benefit potential hires in search of jobs.


  • Zina Guinn says:

    Seeking part-time work. My friend, Dottie, who works at the Bossier City, Louisiana, Stage store is so pleased……sounds like a good place to work.

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