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Starbucks pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the Starbucks Application

Job seekers looking for work with the major coffee shop chain should print out and manually fill in hiring information to secure employment. Printing out the downloadable PDF version of the document allows candidates to spend as much time as necessary without the added pressure of completing the forms with managers or other employees present. When the time comes to turn in the application, each prospective employee enjoys more time to spend conversing with potential coworkers or managers. The extra time typically grants individuals undivided attention and the ability to fully engage with the appropriate personnel.

Making a Good Impression

Applicants who print out and bring completed PDF versions of the Starbucks application to desired locations enjoy ideal opportunities to speak directly with hiring managers. When applying in person, hand the forms directly to management and ask questions about the employment process. Suitable topics for discussion include potential responsibilities, scheduling needs, daily operations, and opening and closing procedures. Expressing personal admirations and appreciations of the menus available in-house and the history of the storied chain also resonate with hiring staff.

How to Fill out the Starbucks PDF Application

The first step in filling out the Starbucks PDF job application includes downloading the form and printing out the document. Use blue or black ink to complete the application. Write legibly and avoid scratching out mistakes. Applicants who fill in the wrong information should use whiteout or print out separate copies of the forms.

“Personal Information”

Job hopefuls begin with a section set aside for personal information. Typical data required in the section includes name, date, Social Security number, other aliases, legal age and right to work in the U.S., address, and phone number. A prompt also asks workers about criminal convictions within the last seven years.

“Employment Desired”
The second section of the printable Starbucks PDF application features a box chart, which offers spaces for each day of the week. Employment seekers need to fill in each box with hours available to work. Individuals must also indicate positions desired, specific store location desired, salary desired, and feasible start dates. Separate questions about the ability to work overtime, previous employment with the coffeehouse, and, if applicable, where and when, appear in the section, as well.

A large section found on the Starbucks application, education asks candidates for academic backgrounds, including attendance and/or completion of high school, college, and vocational programs. Workers must list the names and addresses of the institutions in addition to the number of years completed at each location, whether graduated or not, and specific areas studied. Lines for prospective baristas and managers to list relevant skills related to positions desired sit below the main box reserved for information regarding academic institutions. Individuals applying for administrative positions must also complete questions regarding typing skills and computer knowledge.

“Starbucks Questionnaire”
The hiring form moves on to include questions about interest in the company and what applicants enjoy about Starbucks, in general. Specific questions include, “What do you like about coffee?”, “Why would you like to work for Starbucks Coffee Company?”, and “Have you ever visited a Starbucks location? What was your experience?” A final question delves into behavioral characteristics of applicants in asking about customer service and relevant examples of positive interactions with patrons in similar retail settings.

“Former Employers”
Candidates must also fill out traditional information on employment backgrounds. The form asks workers to provide details for up to three recent employers. Applicants should list the three previous or current employers in chronological order from most recent to least. The cafe chain wants to know when job hopefuls held the positions, the names of the employers, official titles, typical responsibilities, supervisor names, supervisor contact information, starting and ending pay scales, reasons for leaving each job, and permission to contact each place of employment listed.

Closing out the hiring forms, the PDFs provide candidates spaces to list up to three references. Applicants must know the references provided for at least a year. Provide the full names, addresses, and phone numbers of the persons referred in addition to official occupations for each individual and the number of years acquainted. Most coffeehouses like Starbucks ask applicants to refrain from using family members or close friends as references. Individuals should highlight professional contacts only.

“Waivers and Agreements”
The application form ends with a statement about the company hiring policies and information about the dissemination of data provided by candidates. Read over the brief waiver. Afterward, sign and date the line directly below the waiver to certify the information.


  • Yvonne Rice says:

    i have worked at Starbucks in Washington last year for about a couple of months until I moved. I would really love to enjoy the company again

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