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An upscale hotel chain, Staybridge Suites offers extended-stay, all-suite access across three continents with over 200 locations. As a subsidiary of the Intercontinental Hotels Group, the popular chain sustains continued growth and hires new employees with regularity.

Facts About Working at Staybridge Suites

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Staybridge Suites?)

Available Positions: Maintenance Worker, Bell Person, Customer Service Representative, Inventory Clerk, Receptionist, Room Attendant, Director of Sales, Night Auditor, Front Desk Agent, Guest Services Representative, General Manager, Operations Manager, Loss Prevention Guard, Executive Housekeeper, Public Areas Attendant, Housekeeping Supervisor, Breakfast/Evening Social Attendant, Laundry Attendant, Sales Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Staybridge Suites Job Opportunities

The elegant hotel chain proves valuable in the search for both careers and entry-level jobs, as numerous professional starting points stand available for individuals wishing to begin work in hospitality management. Hotels require complex networks of employment, which include diverse groups of suitable workers to deliver day-to-day success. Although existing company openings represent almost every level of experience, an overwhelming amount of accessible jobs persist as entry-level.

Candidates may choose from available career options, such as maintenance worker, room attendant, loss prevention guard, salesperson, and culinary artist. Staybridge workers enjoy industry discounts on travel and lodging within the company network. Most positions provide full- and part-time hours and cater to individuals with hectic scheduling availability. However, job hunters wishing to edge out competition should readily indicate open scheduling. Bilingual applicants also remain highly desirable, as the hotel chain often entertains foreign visitors. Recruiters actively seek motivated individuals exhibiting teamwork experience, personable characters, and social awareness due to high frequency of customer interaction associated with most available job titles.

Staybridge Suites Positions and Salary Information

Hotel recruiters prefer applicants with previous customer service experience and habitually hire applicants meeting or exceeding the age requirement of 18. In addition to easily obtainable positions, some opportunities may require prior education or past experience. The following list details commonly available employment options:


  • Housekeepers follow cleaning regiments in timely manners, which entail dusting, making beds, vacuuming, maintaining bathrooms, and wiping down appliances.
  • Hiring managers only onboard trustworthy individuals to uphold the security and privacy of guests.
  • Associates must also report hazardous objects and needed repairs.
  • Housekeepers additionally support other departments as needed.
  • Hourly wages begin at $8.75 per hour and may increase through continued hard work.

Front Desk Agent

  • Also known as concierges, attendants check customers in and out, process payments, and ensure pleasurable guest experiences.
  • Additional daily tasks involve tending to guest needs, such as reservations and securing means of travel.
  • Working directly with clientele, front desk employees must possess superior interpersonal skills along with knowledge of surrounding attractions.
  • Agents should also display basic computer, math, and phone skills.
  • Repetitive physical actions, such as standing and walking for long durations, represent normal habits of front desk agents.
  • Initial pay hovers around $8.00 an hour and may rise above $10.00 with promotions.

Laundry Attendant

  • Ideal candidates possess simple math, reading, and writing skills in addition to some knowledge of laundry operations.
  • However, thorough training offsets the lack of experience for otherwise suitable applicants.
  • Normal shifts include cleaning and ironing hotel-provided guest linens.
  • Such work requires associates to remain standing a majority of time on the clock.
  • Applicants with excellent listening abilities also fair well during the hiring process.
  • Common starting pay begins around minimum wage and fluctuate depending on experience and performance.
  • Laundry attendants in supervisory roles may graduate into salary options exceeding $25,000 a year.

Tips For Applying

For swift application submission, apply online with a resume complete with updated personal information. Always double check resumes for grammatical and spelling errors, as employers regularly eliminate candidates for lazy mistakes. Prepare a list of references, previous places of employment, and educational background information if no resume stands ready. Traditional applications exist as well, and provide the benefit of meeting recruiting staff. Upper management interaction requires appropriate attire along with showing up or calling during slower business hours.

Application Status

Candidates applying online may verify application statuses with relative ease by logging into personal profiles. Here, applicants may apply for additional jobs as well as gather information relevant to the current hiring process. While speaking with hiring managers remains optional for online application submissions, in-person applications require aspirants to maintain contact with the potential employer to discover personal standings. Reports confirm a common waiting period lasting about two weeks to receive job offers, while interview scheduling usually takes place inside of a week of turning in the application. Generally, hiring staff screen candidates by phone for interviews. Speak clearly and calmly when talking on the phone. Express gratitude for the call and interview, if offered.

Benefits of Working at Staybridge Suites

Company job benefits packages include health, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance for full-time eligible employees. Staybridge Suites also offers matching 401(k) retirement plans for individuals desiring future-based planning options. Additional work benefits include hotel discounts and other group rate options. The hotel brand supplies competitive salary packages and allows faculty use of facilities.

Further Details about Staybridge Suites

The extended-stay specialization of the hotel offers vacationers unique privileges. Staybridge Suites provides each room with fully equipped kitchens, free wireless internet, and home-styled living arrangements perfected for travelers seeking upscale elegance. Additional amenities include complimentary hot-breakfast buffets, fitness rooms, laundry rooms, and planned social gatherings.

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