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Hiring process information for an interview at Stride Rite

Short Hiring Process

Baby and toddler footwear retailer Stride Rite regularly hires new workers able to provide excellent customer service. The shoe seller looks for team members with caring, patient attitudes and uses the job interview to gauge personality and work capabilities. Applicants interested in gaining employment must perform well in the interview. A brief process, the interview usually takes a day to complete, and applicants may earn on-the-spot job offers. In other cases, applicants receive job offers a few days up to a week following interviews.

What to Expect During Your Interview

Stride Rite is a warm and inviting shoe retailer, and the job interview remains simple and relaxed. For most shoe store jobs, the interview process consists of one in-store interview with a store manager. Hiring managers typically begin interviews with basic questions, such as:

  • "Can you tell me a little about yourself?"
  • "How familiar are you with Stride Rite?"
  • "What do you know about children's shoes?"
  • "What were some of your duties at your previous job?"
Applicants may then be asked behavioral questions about customer care. A few examples include:
  • "When was a time you offered excellent customer service?"
  • "What would you do if you saw a customer stealing a pair of shoes?"
Interviewers may also ask applicants about store knowledge. Following interviews, applicants may need to consent to background checks and drug tests.

How to Get a Job at Stride Rite

Job seekers need to arrive early and dress in conservative interview attire. To stand apart from other candidates, applicants should demonstrate a passion for Stride Rite and exhibit in-depth knowledge of the company and its merchandise. Applicants with experience in the footwear industry or retail may gain the advantage over other prospective employees, as well. All answers should be truthful and delivered with confidence. With all responses, job seekers want to reflect positive, customer-focused attitudes. Before leaving a interview, an applicant should thank the interviewer for the opportunity.

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