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Hiring process information for an interview at Subway

How to Get a Job at Subway

Relatively Short Hiring Process
Quick and simple represent ideal ways to describe the Subway hiring process. Applicants typically only spend a few days waiting for interview consideration, and the entire process usually wraps up within a week or two, at most.

Subway job seekers must first submit a hiring form to a desired location to earn employment consideration. The review process of hiring documents takes less than a day, in most cases, with eligible candidates sometimes receiving an invitation to interview on-the-spot or within 12 hours of submitting the appropriate forms. Some Subway job hopefuls may skip the interview process altogether if the desired location needs to hire on workers immediately.

What to Expect During the Hiring Process

On the Spot

The Subway interview process traditionally consists of one-to-one hiring sessions with potential store managers. Subway interviews generally take place in the dining area of the desired location and carry very impromptu and informal proceedings.

Applicants may sit for anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour with the hiring personnel. At most, Subway puts applicants through two interviews but generally limits contact with representatives during the interview process to a single session, including both aspiring managers and prospective entry-level employees.

Typical Interview Questions

Subway hiring managers examine candidate employment histories, related job skills, and personalities using industry standard and more company and position-specific interview questions.

Traditional Subway interview questions touch on reasons for wanting to work for the sandwich chain and ability to work varied schedules. Subway interview questions also touch on potential duties and common situations encountered at work in the fast food industry. Examples include:

Emphasize Customer Service Skills

Food preparation serves a vital part of Subway jobs. Job seekers must follow food handling safety regulations at all times. In addition to protocol for food handling, Subway requires workers to approach customers in friendly, receptive, and attentive manners. The ability to stay on task while providing excellent service also stands paramount to gaining employment at Subway restaurants. During Subway job interviews, highlight multitasking abilities and any experience in customer service to provoke further hiring consideration.

Interview Tips

Subway jobs represent first-time employment opportunities for many, but applicants should take care to maintain presentable and professional attitudes throughout the Subway hiring process. Greet each interview moderator with a smile and a courteous handshake or gesture. Show enthusiasm for the fast food industry or merely the opportunity to work for Subway.

What to Wear

Casual dress often serves appropriate attire to wear during Subway interviews. Applicants looking to make further impressions on Subway hiring managers should consider wearing business-oriented clothing, like sensible skirts and tops, dressier pants, button-down shirts, or other work-casual attire.

Subway Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
Subway Employee: Well, I was a Subway cashier. I guess the main thing involved in it was just ringing up customers when the time came and the sandwich finished up. In the back, helped out with packaging and things like that, moving stuff around. Mostly, it was just involved with the register.

Interviewer: Please describe a typical day as an employee.
Subway Employee: I guess coming in mostly when you clock in, getting everything ready. Then from there, it’s pretty slow in the beginning. Have a little fun with the other workers and stuff, but other than that, it’s just mainly you’re sitting behind the register trying to also help out in the sandwich artists and anything else that they need in the back. Yeah, most of the day is just you’re near the register and you’re just trying to ring people up, especially then as lunch time comes out – it’s getting really busy. You’re trying to make sure you get everything down without messing any orders up and trying to figure it out. Sometimes, it gets a little chaotic, but as the day wraps up, then same thing really. Very mundane and tedious thing, but it’s very repetitive thing, as well.

Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process?
Subway Employee: It was a written application that we turned in. Then, I guess, got a call back or a second part of the interview, which was with the manager of the store. That was pretty simple, laidback – nothing too fancy about it. It was pretty easygoing.

Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?
Subway Employee: I guess one of the main things they were just trying to see was experience in not necessarily job, but just your background experience as a high school student. Just trying to see what you’ve done, if you’ll fit in, and how your work ethic is based on your other things. I guess that was the main slew of the interview questions.

Interviewer: What set you apart from other candidates?
Subway Employee: I actually had a friend who worked at the same place. I think just that referral and that trust really helped the manager, “Okay, I don’t have to worry about bringing in a totally new face into the company. At least someone can vouch for him. If he’s vouching for him, there has to be something… there’s a reason someone is vouching for him.” Putting his job on the line, too, so I think that helped a lot.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
Subway Employee: I think, even at a job with Subway, I guess it’s not much like professionalism necessarily involved. You just stay as professional as you can, which even coming into the interview, you should dress as you’re going to be interviewing for some big company, too. Just make sure they know that you’re serious about the whole thing, too; that you’re not just there just to have fun over the summer and just try to make some cash while you’re at it. Put all your effort into it, as well. It’s not too hard of a job, but if you put everything into it, then you’ll get everything else out of it that you need.

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  1. swanay phillips

    what should I wear to the interview

  2. jay jay

    Swanay phillips… sweetie when you go for an interview you want to be at your best. No you ain’t gotta break out the suit and tie, or the dresses… but dress nicely and look your absolute best!!!

  3. bear J.

    what questions would be asked in during the interview except all those simple questional “whats your favorite thing to do” or “what you do on your leisure time. Because their interviews question that have changed.

  4. admin Post author

    they might ask you about what your greatest strength or weakness is. Also, they could ask you about the type of hours you want to work and how long you expect to work with them.

  5. Gwen G.

    My friend Rachel just got a job their and she said she smiled and answered all the questions with a positive attitude.

  6. Lucas

    @Gwen G.
    Is your friend Rachel enjoying her job at Subway?

  7. Gwen G.

    Yes, she says that she really enjoys it. I am hopping to get a job there too, so I can save money for college. I sent my application and they already contacted me, now I’m just waiting for the day of my interview.

  8. Otto

    One things that I consider pretty important is: learn the most you can about the company before the interview! That will help a lot, trust me.

  9. karla

    how should i be dressed when im about to meet the interview.

  10. jesse

    how do i know if they accept my application or not? how long would it take to know?

  11. maria

    do they call you even if u didn’t get the job?

  12. Brenda

    What if you don’t have a food handler’s card?

  13. Ben

    You don’t need a food handler’s card to work at Subway. They will train you, and if you become a manager, they will send you to Subway school.

  14. Chantel

    How long is training session?

  15. Forest

    The Subway I’m appyling at actually DOES requires a food handler’s card.. (which is Really easy to get btw)

  16. simone

    what type of question will i be asked? will they call me to let me know if i got the job? will they not hire me if i am 15 years of age? how long will i have to wait for them to let me know if i got the the job or not?

  17. Yahaira

    i Have experience at subway and i would like to get a job at subway again but is it possible to apply for management even though i havent been there for over 2years? How can I let the person in charge that I would love to move up?? and what are the requirements? Im 22 btw

  18. John

    Can you get free food and can i apply wen im 14 but my b-day coming up soon

  19. ella

    im 17 and i have a son. could they not hire me for that reason cause im a single teen mom? my friend said she tried to apply at another fast food place and they didnt acept her cuz shes a teen mom

  20. jessica

    i have mine today does anybody know what they ask and how long before you know u get the job

  21. richard

    how do you know you got the job…

  22. Ismi

    I have an interview on thursday… I’m scaredddd 🙁

  23. simoneee

    i have a interview this thursdayy aswell
    is iy for a subway in nottingham??


    i have an interview tomorrow at 8 am im nervous, damn it and i dont have any suits or good looking clothes i think ill mess it up!

  25. Shay

    exactly what questions will be asked during the interview? do i need to fill out a work permit since i am 16?

  26. anna

    what if something happend like short changing a custumer or something tottaly by acedent what should i do?

  27. Kourtney

    You should dress proper.

  28. Tanya

    I worked at subway for 6 years, its a fun fast paced job. You definitely have to have a lot of patience, the customers know what they want and exactly how they want it!! Lol!! Its a a fun job though, especially for a younger person just trying to make it. Just take pride in what you do, don’t serve anything to someone that you wouldn’t eat!

  29. Tevin

    Hey if you have letters of recommendation will that help your chances?

  30. shaney nay

    i have never worked be for and i want to work at the subway close to my house so i can walk. what if i don’t have any experience working. will they train me. is the training specific? like do they tell you exactly what to do step for step because i will mess up if they don’t.

  31. Chelsia Sams

    how will they contact you?

  32. Louise

    did you drop the application off at the subway you wished to work at?

  33. Karen

    Companies are not allowed to discriminate against people based on family status (teen mom). The fact that you may be a parent should not come up during a professional job interview and you DON’T have to volunteer that information.

    Whether or not you need a food handler’s permit is based on state regulations that apply to restaraunt businesses or other food vendors.

    My son (19) has an interview at Subway tomorrow morning! Crossed fingers.

  34. Pancho

    How long is job training?

  35. Reina

    Do they drug test?

  36. coekoe

    My interview is tomorrow , I’m nervous :/ .. This is my first job …
    How much does subway pay, 200$ every 2 weeks ?

  37. Katie

    I just got hired by Subway. I’m 16. The interview was pretty easy going. This is my first job.


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