SugarHouse Casino Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Opened in 2010, SugarHouse Casino provides thousands of job opportunities in gaming and customer service. Motivated and fun-loving individuals regularly find employment featuring career development programs and inclusive settings.

Facts About Working at SugarHouse Casino

Minimum Age to Work at SugarHouse Casino: 21 years old (How old do you have to be to work at SugarHouse Casino?)

SugarHouse Casino Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at SugarHouse Casino: Count Room Associate, Pit Table Clerk, Cook, Bartender, Door Host, Cashier, Casino Attendant, Bar Porter, Cage-Cashier, Casino Host, Director-Food and Beverage, Engineer, Casino Attendant, Experienced Dealer-Table Games, Fast Food Cashier, Food Court Shift Manager, Food Server, In-House Counsel, Shift Manager, Revenue Accountant, Revenue Auditor, Security Officer, Specialty Cook, Security Officer, Finance Director

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

SugarHouse Casino Job Opportunities

While Pennsylvania residents account for most full-time and part-time staff members, SugarHouse Casino creates both regional and domestic career opportunities. Workers across the country may apply online for jobs in areas like guest relations, maintenance, security, casino management, and valet services. The most prevalent opportunities for employment consist of entry-level customer service jobs. A majority of employees serve food and drinks, perform custodial work, or maintain facility parking garages. Historically, applicants need no real employment experience to assume entry-level roles. The casino only requires prospective associates to meet the minimum age of 21 and exude outgoing personalities.

Applicants also regularly find meaningful employment as table games dealers. On average, SugarHouse Casino boasts 15 different types of table games and needs knowledgeable and licensed workers to deal cards, issue game pieces, and enforce rules and regulations. Table games dealer jobs require particular patience and the ability to monitor chip and monetary transactions for accuracy and fairness. Employees must also demonstrate highly personable and engaging attitudes. Personal interests in gaming or hospitality also suit applicants, regardless of positions desired. Casino floors often include loud, fast-paced, and demanding settings. Prospective associates able to remain both patient and vigilant while exercising professionalism and courtesy at all times receive the most consideration for available jobs.

SugarHouse Casino Employment Outlook and Pay Information

Most job opportunities available involve some mild manual labor and regular interaction with guests. Some positions encompass food-handling responsibilities, while other employment options place associates in charge of handling cash. Upon hire, the casino provides new employees with specific instructions to effectively carry out job duties and maintain professionalism. Applicants most readily find work in the following roles:


  • Essential job duties of SugarHouse Casino sweeties including taking and serving drink orders.
  • Sweeties also see after the general organization and cleanliness of barroom facilities and casino floors.
  • High school educations serve as a general requirement along with meeting age requirements for casino staff.
  • Applicants should possess bright, personable, and friendly personalities and exercise patience continuously.
  • Sweetie positions remain available as both part-time and full-time opportunities.
  • Most workers in the role receive minimum wage for tipped employees and garner a majority of hourly pay through gratuities.


  • Applicants with experience mixing drinks may take interest in bartending jobs.
  • Available in full-time or part-time flexible roles, bartending careers primarily involve preparing and serving drinks to customers.
  • Additional responsibilities may include cleaning work stations, washing dishes, closing tabs, processing payments, and answering questions about bar menus, casino amenities, and entertainment schedules.
  • Bartenders must also moderate patron alcohol consumption and act accordingly in situations involving unruly customers.
  • The casino prefers to hire individuals with three to five years of experience bartending and the ability to work nights, weekend, and holidays as needed.
  • A typical bartender pulls in close to $25,000 per year.
  • Annual salary options may increase with experience and through the accumulation of tips.

EVS Attendant

  • Formally known as a housekeeping crew worker, each EVS attendant cares for the overall presentation of SugarHouse grounds.
  • Specifically, EVS employees clean and sanitize light fixtures, walls, floors, ornamentations, and remove refuge from wastebaskets as well as replenishing supplies.
  • EVS crew work both independently and as part of teams.
  • No real experience proves necessary for employment consideration; however, the casino often hires individuals with six months of experience or better.
  • The ability to perform regular manual labor comfortably and maintain courteous and professional attitudes proves ideal, as well.
  • Most housekeeping staff receive minimum wage or slightly higher pay at time of hire.

Tips For Applying

While many available entry-level positions require no formal backgrounds for employment consideration, most applicants fare better during the hiring process with experience than without. Workers without professional backgrounds related to the casino industry should highlight personal experiences similar in nature to the positions or department desired. Any involvement in customer service, whether professional or volunteer-oriented, may bolster candidate chances of employment and lead to job offers.

Application Status

Applicants may submit hiring forms and routinely check on the statuses of outstanding employment documents using the company website. Workers must create online profiles to utilize the application status feature and to submit hiring materials. Most prospective employees complete the hiring and application processes within a week or two. Checking back with recruiters or management regarding applications may improve odds of employment, as the act usually demonstrates persistent and genuine interest in positions desired.

Benefits of Working for SugarHouse Casino

As a top employer in the State of Pennsylvania, SugarHouse Casino cares for associates and offers comprehensive job benefits packages accessible by part-time and full-time employees alike.

Regardless of position or tenure, workers enjoy:

  • 401(k) retirement plans with company-match options
  • Medical
  • Vision, and life insurance coverage
  • Discounted meals
  • Performance bonuses
  • Salary option merit-based increases
  • Tuition reimbursement, and 16 days of paid time off automatically upon hire.

Other employment benefits include leaves of absence, employee assistance hotlines, and domestic partner benefits programs.

More Details on SugarHouse Casino

In order to further accommodate guests and attract new visitors, the prominent casino offers a shuttle service operating in the greater-Philadelphia area free of charge. Casino-goers simply wait at assigned stops along the designated shuttle routes and board the trolleys. Shuttle services run seven-days-a-week from around 2:00pm until midnight Sunday thru Thursday, with additional stops available on the weekends. Riders must stand 21 years and older.

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