SugarHouse Casino Interview Questions & Tips

Multiple Interviews

SugarHouse Casino operates as a luxury resort located in Eastern Pennsylvania. Opened in 2010, the casino features casino gaming, live entertainment, retail stores, and restaurants along with roughly 750 hotel rooms. As a popular source of entertainment for denizens of the Greater Philadelphia area, the company customarily needs to add on workers in order to maintain operations. Jobs open on a regular basis in areas like housekeeping, security, maintenance, management, gaming, and food service. Applicants must go through several stages of interviews during the hiring process to gain employment at the popular resort for most available positions.

What to Expect During the Hiring Process

The average time spent in the hiring process falls between a few days and several weeks, with more intensive positions requiring multiple steps to gain hire. Job hopefuls may submit hiring materials both online and in-person to receive employment consideration. Positions in housekeeping or in any SugarHouse Casino restaurant may only require one or two interviews. The interview process may prove more stringent for gaming, security, and managerial jobs, as applicants regularly participate in two or more interviews. Typical interview formats include 1:1 hiring sessions. Interviewers often question past gambling habits of candidates or other problems with addiction as main talking points. Other questions point toward customer-service abilities, reliability, education, work history, and knowledge of hotel or casino operations.

Tips for a Successful Interview

All interviews take place onsite. Applicants should arrive early to avoid getting lost in the large complex. Workers should also become familiar with expectations laid out for the position desired and services provided by the large casino. During interviews, ask about codes of conduct for behavior, dress, and employee interaction. Procedure and protocol often rank as important parts of daily operations at SugarHouse Casino due to the sheer number of guests entertained on a regular basis. Dress for each interview should reflect either office-casual or formal attire. Applicants should also pay special attention to appearances in terms of grooming and hygiene, as the casino upholds high standards for hotel and casino grounds as well as employees.

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