Sun Tan City Job Interview Questions & Tips

What The Company Looks For in a Candidate

A video retail store-turned-tanning salon, Sun Tan City actively seeks bright, passionate people to incorporate into the more than 250 locations spanning 18 states. Ideal candidates demonstrate commitment to excellence in client services, equipment use, efficiency, and cleanliness. Prospects also show capability in maintaining high sales averages, improving operations, and meeting customer needs. The interview process generally concludes in a week, on average. Interested individuals apply either in-person or through an employee referral and schedule one-on-one interviews on-site or by telephone. A neat and presentable appearances prove sufficient during the hiring process.

Interview Questions and Topics to Prepare For

Interview questions typically consist of topics relating to customer service, health and safety, math skills, and reliability. Hiring managers want to gauge applicant abilities to handle difficult client situations and may provide scenarios where candidates must make decisions on how to handle certain issues. In regards to health and safety, expect questions testing cleanliness, knowledge of skin types and potential sensitivities to sunlight, and situational awareness for unsafe conditions. Bring a notepad and writing utensil in the event the interviewer requests performance of basic math calculations. Since employees handle money, an adequate ability of making change must be demonstrated. Reliability and general trustworthiness may also be tested with scenarios, such as, “What would you do if your car broke down on the way to work?” or “What would you do if you caught a fellow employee stealing?” Take the time to formulate an articulated response before expressing the plan of action to the hiring manager.


  • Ann wainscott says:

    Does sun tan city drug test for a job interview?

  • savannah says:

    They do not drug test, at least when I interviewed with them. Also, bring a pen with you. Looks like you came prepared. Give them 2 days to call you back and if they don’t, call them once every other day for a week to check on the status of your application.. By then they will have told you you we’re not accepted for the position and if not call one more time.. After that.. You should get the hunt. Hope this helped. <3

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