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Sunrise Senior Living hires for a variety of healthcare and caretaking jobs. Opportunities for skilled professionals exist as well as plentiful entry-level positions. Candidates interested in providing excellent care to senior citizens find work in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Facts About Working at Sunrise Senior Living

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Sunrise Senior Living?)

Available Positions: Housekeeper, Desk Attendant, Receptionist, Health Aide, Office Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Sunrise Senior Living Employment Opportunities

Founded in 1981, the company creates work for many types of employment seekers. Positions range from food service and cleaning opportunities to medical-related career options and corporate openings. Care-providing roles stand as basic and obtainable job listings and remain accessible positions vital to the successful operation of Sunrise Senior Living. In addition to different categories of employment, the company hires workers throughout a wide geographic area. Jobs consistently remain available, as over 300 locations operate worldwide.

Job hopefuls seeking to provide assistance and friendly interactions to elderly individuals find lucrative opportunities with Sunrise Senior Living. Employees work individually and in teams to offer excellent care to seniors. Successful workers listen to individuals to meet resident needs. In addition to directly aiding seniors, employees prepare and maintain living environments to make life in company community homes pleasant and fulfilling for residents.

Sunrise Senior Living Jobs and Pay Scales

Interested career hunters find full-time and part-time job openings with Sunrise Senior Living. Though some positions with the healthcare business prove available to applicants 16 years of age and older, roles which provide direct care to seniors stand limited to candidates 18 and older. The company hires qualified job seekers for the following positions:


  • Dishwashers clean kitchen equipment and maintain dining areas.
  • Though washing dirty dishes proves the primary duty of dishwasher positions, other everyday responsibilities include sweeping and mopping dining areas, restocking food supplies, and storing equipment after use.
  • Jobs remain accessible to entry-level applicants with little to no experience; however, hiring managers prefer to onboard individuals with previous dining industry experience and high school diplomas or GED equivalents.
  • Hourly pay for dishwashers hovers around minimum wage.


  • Housekeepers maintain cleanliness and order throughout living areas in Sunrise communities.
  • Typical duties include gathering, washing, drying, and redistributing laundry, collecting trash, making beds, and general cleaning responsibilities.
  • Employees also assist caretakers with senior care when necessary.
  • Applicants should possess multitasking, problem-solving, and communication skills as well as desires to work with seniors.
  • Candidates with related experience and/or high school educations often enjoy better hiring prospects.
  • Housekeeping employees usually start at minimum wage and enjoy raises with time and hard work.

Care Manager

  • Care managers directly interact with and provide care for senior residents.
  • Sunrise Senior Living expects employees to develop friendly relationships with residents and resident families throughout assisting processes to better understand individual needs.
  • Care positions involve enriching senior lives and constitute essential service roles with the company.
  • Job duties cater to resident needs and often vary in scope on a person-by-person basis.
  • Typical responsibilities may include conversing with residents, finding out specific needs from family members and medical personnel, and helping seniors achieve goals.
  • Candidates must possess interest in serving and caring for seniors, decision-making abilities, positive attitudes, team-player mentalities, customer service skills, and sound judgment.
  • Relevant diplomas, licenses, and certifications must stand upheld per applicable state or federal laws.
  • Care managers garner wages of about $10.00 per hour.

Tips For Applying

Applicants with previous senior care experience enjoy the best prospects for hire with the company. Individuals with kind personalities, adaptability at work, and senses of empathy often successfully find employment with Sunrise Senior Living, as well. Expect phone, group, and one-on-one interviews along with shadowing and training procedures during the hiring process. Drug and alcohol screenings and background checks also prove standard with the company.

Application Status

Staffing managers typically contact promising applicants within one to three weeks after receiving hiring documents. Interested candidates may follow up sooner through telephone calls, emails, or visits. Remain professional and polite with any contact and wear appropriate business attire if visiting in-person. Show consideration for the work duties of human resources personnel and inquire when responsibilities permit the staff members time to adequately respond.

Benefits of Working at Sunrise Senior Living

Sunrise promotes caring work environments for clients and employees alike. The company offers superior job benefits to qualified workers. Employment benefits include:

  • Medical and prescription drug coverage
  • Dental and vision insurance
  • Dependent daycare, and
  • Life and accident protection plans.

Financial incentives include spending accounts, tuition reimbursement, and 401(k) retirement plans. Long-term employees of the healthcare company also receive competitive advancement opportunities. Eligible associates enjoy paid time off for sick days, holidays, and vacation leave, as well.

More Details on Sunrise Senior Living

Headquartered in Tysons Corner, VA, Sunrise Senior Living bases operations on comprehensive service philosophies. Promoting independence and freedom of choice for seniors while still preserving personal dignity remain part of the corporate creed. Services with the company range from assisted and independent living to nursing and rehabilitative options. Special care programs for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of memory loss remain available, as well.

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