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Southern grocery store chain Super 1 Foods operates over 30 locations across Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. The growing company frequently looks for new talent to join the award-winning team. The supermarket remains dedicated to providing unbeatable prices and attentive services to customers. Associates or "partners" need to possess helpful, customer-focused attitudes. Areas where candidates may find employment at each store include bakery, dairy, deli, frozen foods, grocery, health and beauty, meat market, organic, photo services, and produce. With a wide range of career options, candidates enjoy excellent opportunities for finding rewarding work in the grocery industry.

Facts About Working at Super 1 Foods

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Super 1 Foods?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Grocery Clerk, Produce Clerk, Meat Clerk, Floral Clerk, Bakery Clerk, Assistant Store Manager, General Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Super 1 Foods Employment Outlook

Outside of retail stores, Super 1 Foods provides a range of careers in grocery store support. Areas of non-retail employment include warehouse and transportation, facility services, manufacturing, and corporate operations. The grocer sources food from manufacturing plants for dairy, yogurt, ice, ice cream, water, bakery, and fresh fruit. Each location requires full staffs of skilled manufacturers. Facility services jobs offer opportunities for workers with basic construction skills in electrical, plumbing, painting, and roofing, or specialized talents in architecture, design, energy management, and equipment repair. Job seekers looking for corporate careers may find opportunities in accounting, IT, advertising, marketing, human resources, and real estate.

Associates at Super 1 Foods assume the title of “partner” due to the company belief all workers operate on the same level. The supermarket chain creates inviting work environments committed to employee success. Each associate receives special training to provide excellent customer care. Additional training and career development always stands available to motivated workers. Candidates eager to join the team may pick up an application at a local store or download the form electronically to begin the hiring process.

Super 1 Foods Pay Scales and Job Descriptions

Super 1 Foods operates expansive supermarket locations requiring large workforces of entry-level employees. Job opportunities range from general customer service to specialized roles in meat cutting and food production. In addition to entry-level jobs, each department offers supervisory careers for workers with management experience. Partners at Super 1 Foods earn hourly pay rates and salary options competitive within the grocery store industry. Common jobs with the grocery retail chain include:

Grocery Stocker

  • Grocery stockers ensure store shelves remain fully stocked and organized.
  • Key duties include assisting in ordering, receiving and unpacking shipments, and filling product levels on the sales floor.
  • While stocking shelves, stockers must ensure products receive proper rotation and facing in order to maximize visual appeal.
  • In some instances, stockers need to assist in maintaining store cleanliness and help customers on the sales floor.
  • Grocery stockers usually earn between $8.00 and $11.00 per hour.


  • Cashiers provide fast and friendly checkout service to customers.
  • The main duties of a cashier include scanning barcodes, weighing produce, honoring coupons, and processing payments and returns.
  • At the end of a shift, cashiers needs to count and balance assigned cash drawers and perform various cleaning duties.
  • Cashiers start out making minimum wage and may earn up to $12.00 an hour.

Produce Clerk

  • Produce clerk represents a specialized position in which clerks work strictly in the produce department.
  • Super 1 Foods needs knowledgeable produce clerks able to answer customer questions and provide recommendations.
  • Produce clerks need to pay attention to produce freshness and rotate out any produce past prime.
  • Produce clerks usually make about $10.00 an hour.

Tips For Applying

The well-respected grocery store chain has an interactive career network for candidates to see job postings and apply online. The application form requires potential employees to fill in basic information, previous employers, educational background, and skills needed for the position. Job hopefuls may also choose to stop into locations to ask about opportunities available. A downloadable form is available for individuals to take with them on visits to local stores. Job hunters should apply for multiple locations to increase the likelihood of receiving hiring consideration.

Application Status

After submitting application forms in person or online, recruiters will reach out to qualified candidates within two weeks. Hiring managers expect in-person interviews prior to offering jobs. Individuals can also inquire about the statuses of applications by calling or arriving in person to store locations. It is important to make good first impressions by dressing appropriately and waiting patiently for managers busy with customers to finish up. Politely demonstrate interest in the position by asking questions related to the job and company. Hopefuls should take opportunities to discuss former positions and how the experience can translate to the opening at hand.

Benefits of Working at Super 1 Foods

Super 1 Foods offers one of the most comprehensive benefits packages in the supermarket industry. Part-time and full-time partners earn medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug benefits. Eligible workers may access behavioral and mental health support, as well. To assist with partner savings, Super 1 Foods offers employee stock ownership and 401(k) retirement plans with company matching. Employees also enjoy a supportive and uplifting work environment. Each year, the chain holds 15 partner-performance contests in which winning partners receive recognition at formal events and awarded generous prizes.

Background Details on Super 1 Foods

Every Super 1 Foods location offers a Wall of Values, which features the store’s biggest price-saving products. The Wall of Values usually sits at the front of the store and easily seen upon entering. The grocer provides the Wall of Values in an effort to educate customers on available savings. Wall of Values products usually include indicative markers throughout each store so workers can easily add in additional merchandise. Customers who purchase Wall of Values products in bulk save more.

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