Super 8 Hotel Interview Questions & Tips

Simple Hiring Process

The hiring procedure for entry-level positions at Super 8 is relatively simple as there are typically immediate openings for front desk clerks and housekeepers. After applicants submit necessary hiring forms, the hiring process usually consists of a face-to-face interview with a manager. For entry-level job opportunities, applicants are commonly asked to come in for training within a few days of a successful interview. The interview process may vary in time and format for managerial positions.

What to Expect During the Interview

Applicants with experience in the hotel, travel, or hospitality industry generally perform well during the interview process. Basic computer knowledge is a must, especially for front desk clerks. Additionally, applicants are expected to be kind and approachable, as good customer service is the goal. Oftentimes, job openings are for the night, or graveyard shift. A common interview question for this shift may be, "How do you plan to balance your family and social life working the night shift at Super 8?" Other questions may be aimed at finding out an applicant's history and competency with customer service-related issues. While there may be negotiation options for higher-level positions, most entry-level jobs start with a non-negotiable base pay.


  • sonya says:

    how do i do an app

  • BEVERLY says:

    job vacancy and required qualification.thank you!

  • Steve says:

    The application is available at this link: /super-8-hotel-job-application/

  • Fiona says:

    Think of 1 to 3 words you can use to best describe yourself. Make sure they are relevant to the position you are applying for though.

  • bamidele says:

    how do i do an application

  • Liz says:

    Does Super 8 drug test?

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