Super H Mart Interview Questions & Tips

Beginning the Hiring Process

Super H Mart, America’s largest Asian grocery store chain, often looks for workers with upbeat personalities and an interest in Korean culture. Job openings are often listed on the company website for both entry level and managerial positions. Hiring materials are attained and submitted in-store. Hiring personnel generally contact potential team members within a few days to schedule an interview. It is not uncommon for job hopefuls to encounter 2 or 3 job interviews; however, some employees cited being hired on the spot. Applicants should bring a printed resume for hiring Super H Mart representatives to review during the interview. Attend meetings in business casual attire, ready to engage with hiring personnel.

What the Company Looks For in an Employee

As a walk-in business, Super H Mart is looking for crew members with well-rounded customer service skills. Entry-level positions may require proficiency in memorization. Cashiers often manually enter codes for items like fruits and vegetables during check out. Many of the items have Korean text, and floor associates are required to have a working knowledge of these products to assist customers with their needs. Some Super H Mart managerial positions necessitate fluency in Korean and English as dealing with customers or suppliers in either language is a daily occurrence.

Common Interview Questions

Some questions proposed at Super H Mart job interviews include:

  • "Why do you want to work at an Asian supermarket?"
  • "Do you speak any Korean?"
  • "How do you work in high-pressure situations?"
Answer each question honestly and in a concise manner, keeping responses from 60 to 90 seconds. Avoid off topic rants and maintain comfortable eye contact with the Super H Mart hiring representative. Job hunters may also be asked to complete personality tests to ensure they are good fits for the company. Criminal background checks also prove to be a standard procedure in the Super H Mart hiring process. Thank the interviewer for her time at the end of the meeting. Follow up with the hiring manager within a few days of the final interview to show sustained interest in the job.


  • Joe C. says:

    Does H Mart only prefer to hire Asians only ? I speak a little Korean and want to learn more of it and I am currently in Canada right now.

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