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Sylvan Learning Inc. consists of corporate and franchised centers offering personalized learning programs to help improve the education of children. The company provides potential employees passionate about learning with part-time and full-time positions.

Facts About Working at Sylvan Learning Centers

Minimum Age to Work at Sylvan Learning Centers: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Sylvan Learning Centers?)

Sylvan Learning Centers Hours of Operation: Typically Mon-Thurs: 3:00pm-7:30pm; Friday by appointment; Sat: 9:00am-1:00pm; Closed Sunday

Available Positions at Sylvan Learning Centers: Math Tutor, English Tutor, Writing Tutor

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Sylvan Learning Centers Employment Opportunities

Founded in 1979 by former school teacher W. Berry Fowler, Sylvan Learning specializes in reading, writing, mathematics, study skills, test preparation for college, and homework support. Typically, youth who receive tutoring see two to three times more growth than the average child. The average age for students consists of children in primary and secondary education. As an innovator of digital learning, tutoring centers offer online and mobile platforms along with traditional physical locations. With locations scattered across the United States, employment opportunities stand readily available to candidates looking for involvement in the education industry.

Associates become members of a trusted community and rely on each other for support and growth. Workers may relish the opportunity to pursue advanced career options by receiving promotions. Candidates should maintain interest in helping students progress and become well prepared. Qualified job seekers also possess down-to-earth and easy-going personalities. Individuals interested in business may even engage in ownership of a franchised location. A peer network facilitates mentoring and collaboration. Support, challenges, and inspiration enable employees to achieve success.

Information about Wages and Jobs for Sylvan Learning

Education takes precedent among the workforce. Prospective workers should minimally possess high school diplomas or equivalents. Individuals possessing associate’s or bachelor’s degrees, or who currently study for other advanced certifications, stand out in large applicant pools. Job seekers should stand at least 18 years old to qualify for opportunities. Since positions require interaction with children, contenders should expect to take background and drug tests. Ordinarily available positions include the following:

Assistant Teacher

  • Assistant teachers must meet the needs of students. Workers support children through learning, exploration, and play.
  • Expectations should remain appropriate for the age and development level of the child.
  • Occasionally, administrative duties, such as answering the phone or updating schedules, prove mandatory.
  • Pay rates commonly range between $8.00 and $10.00 an hour.
  • Prospective associates should demonstrate commitment to continuing education.
  • Qualified applicants also interact professionally with parents and fellow staff members.
  • Overall, individuals with fun and energetic personalities fare better when applying for positions.

Office Administrator

  • Salary options may come close to $13.00 an hour for individuals familiar with office environments.
  • Communication skills and superior customer service remain mandatory for candidates.
  • Other skills, such as data entry, word processing, and organizational skills, also pose useful.
  • Employees should possess the ability to proofread along with conversing efficiently in written format.
  • Workers may hold responsibility for increasing enrollment, sales and marketing, school relations, and business performance.
  • Office administrator ensure students enjoy positive experiences and academic success.
  • Staff members welcome guests into education centers and create environments of comfort and ease.

Marketing Assistant

  • To generate inquiries, results-driven marketing gurus develop local promotion strategies.
  • Community engagement and event initiatives pave the way for increased advertising presence.
  • Assistants learn to effectively use national advertising on smaller, localized markets.
  • Demographics help focus activities to better reach targeted audiences.
  • By utilizing email software, employees send notifications to various members of the community to spread awareness.
  • Candidates should know how to track, measure, and report generated sales.
  • Positions start at an hourly wage of $10.00 and may lead to further career opportunities within the company.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint generally stand requested.
  • Individuals working towards degrees in marketing, advertising, and public relations hold preference during the application process.

Tips For Applying

Applying for employment remains simple with an easy-to-navigate career portal. Individuals may choose to submit applications for corporate positions or inquire about opportunities at specific local branches. If selecting corporate positions, job seekers apply online by submitting previous experience, education, and basic information. Contenders may also edit profiles, view submissions, search other jobs, and send openings to friends through email. Specific centers, usually individually owned, remain searchable through zip codes. After locating branches of interest, applicants should contact the addresses directly. Aspirants advisably stop into locations to meet hiring managers in person.

Application Status

Average hiring processes take one to four weeks before recruiters reach out to applicants. Typically, hiring managers place phone calls to eligible candidates and schedule the interview process for the following week. If quite some time passes, job seekers should contact locations via telephone or in person during slower hours. Contenders must demonstrate professionalism and approachable demeanors due to customer interaction in most positions. Aspirants may submit multiple applications for different locations and opportunities. Individuals should also reapply with improved skill sets if not hired the first time around.

Employment Benefits at Sylvan Learning

While supporting the growth of the company, full-time and part-time staff members stand eligible for exceptional job benefit packages. Employees make positive impacts on the future success of Sylvan and in exchange receive competitive industry wages. Associates participate in on-the-job training and learning opportunities. Certain positions grant team members base salary options with monthly, quarterly, and annual bonuses for meeting company objectives. Full-time openings typically include healthcare coverage in the form of medical insurance, dental, vision, and basic life insurance. Other rewards allow for financial security through 401(k) retirement plans and disability income protection.

Further Information about Sylvan Learning Center

Sylvan Learning proudly supports The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) by participating in Light the Night Walk. The effects of leukemia and lymphoma may strain the educational future of children due to missing class time, so the company donates over 12,000 hours of free tutoring services to pediatric patients, which makes a meaningful impact living in the lives of children in more than 250 communities. The education provider also plans to raise more than $100,000 through Light the Night walks held across North America.


  • Kathy says:

    Anyone know if you need a certain degree or experience to work for Sylvan LC’s?

  • ArchAngel says:

    As an actual Sylvan Learning Center employee and tutor/teacher, I can tell you in order to be eligible for a tutor position, you must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in education, and one year of teaching experience. You also must have a teaching licence and be willing to work with kids who genuinely struggle, as the experience has two sides. There are some that work strictly at the centers, and the kids come to them. There are others that go out to different schools and teach there. The pay rate differs between the two significantly. It’s definitely worth the application and work, but it is a challenge, and these requirements must be met just to be eligible. Best of luck everybody, and I hope that helps!

  • ArchAngel says:

    Oh, one more thing. You can work at the centers in a non-teacher capacity, sorting files, working on computers, answering phones, and organizing things for the teachers as they need them. The requirements for that I am not 100% sure about, but I believe it is simply what is required for any other job.

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