Sylvan Learning Centers Interview Questions & Tips

What to Expect During the Interview

Sylvan Learning Center, a tutoring organization specializing in personal-learning approaches, searches for qualified tutoring professionals to supplement various locations nationwide. During the interview, managers tend to favor questions assessing the abilities of candidates in handling difficult clients. Examples include, “How would you handle a disruptive child?” and “The child doesn’t understand ‘X’ subject. How do you adapt your teaching style?”

Submitting an Application

Applicants usually submit hiring materials to Sylvan online. However, prior candidates also cite calling a local Sylvan center a successful endeavor. If initiating contact via telephone, candidates may receive email addresses of the local faculty members with hiring authority at the conclusion of the conversations. Prospects should strongly consider including cover letters as well as reputable lists of references along with the resumes. Any applicant following the online route should receive contact via telephone in less than a week. The telephone contact serves as the initial screening process of a candidate, and therefore the applicant should treat the session as seriously as a face-to-face interview.

Face-to-Face Interviews

When the telephone sessions come to a close, candidates receive scheduling for on-site interviews. Sylvan Learning Center interviews generally consist of review by two academic managers per candidate. Applicants should expect the 2:1 session to last a minimum of 45 minutes. If a particular candidate obtains approval, an invitation for hire may be extended at the conclusion of the interview or within a few days following.

Successfully Navigating the Hiring Process

Applicants should prepare for the interviews by bringing copies of all hiring materials previously submitted as well as notepads and writing utensils. The interviewers ask each candidate to provide information regarding prior tutoring and teaching experience, preferred subjects and age groups, and availability. The scenario phase of the interview consists of six to seven behavioral prompts in which the candidate must demonstrate excellent adaptability, resilience, and patience. Prospects may benefit by using past situations relevant to the prompt. At the conclusion of the interview, the academic managers provide information regarding how candidates complete the drug screenings and background checks.


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