Sysco Job Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Sysco

Sysco job interviews screen candidates for excellent sales and customer service skills. Applicants must fill out the required forms to earn job interview consideration. After the receipt of applicant information, human resources representatives contact eligible workers to schedule interview sessions. Generally taking between a few days and several weeks to complete, the interview process involves phone screenings and multiple one-on-one or panel job interviews. The human resources representatives who set up interview sessions often serve as the interviewers for initial phone screenings, as well. Candidates advancing to in-person interviews frequently meet with two or three hiring managers consecutively over the course of a single day.

Questions to Expect

Interviewers typically pose behavioral and situational questions to see how well applicants work with others. Candidates respond to commonly asked Sysco interview questions, such as:

  • "What do you do when you disagree with your supervisor?"
  • "How would you react if a customer accused you of messing up an order?"
Interviewees also regularly field queries like, "Tell me about a time when the requirements of a project or task you were working on suddenly changed significantly and without warning; how did you respond, and what was the result?", which feature multiple sections to answer. Depending on the position sought, prospective employees may need to complete online assessments during the interview process, as well.

Making a Good Impression

To ensure a solid performance at each interview session, show initiative and preparedness by researching the company history, services provided, and job description of the desired position prior to interviewing. Highlight any previous experience serving customers in the food service industry to demonstrate suitability for the job. Maintain a professional demeanor at all times and express appreciation for the interview opportunity. Shake hands with each interviewer upon arriving and before leaving to exude a confident and enthusiastic personality. Follow up a few days after completing the interview process to further indicate desire for the job.


  • martin hake says:

    I work for sky chef at this point. I heard they opened a sysco in central islip. I’m going to fill out the app. I have experience in the food industry, and I have school behind me. I’m a very outgoing, loyal and great worker, and when I’m the boss or shop stewert all the workers are able to able to come to me with any problem or question.any way I wish to work for sysco in central islip, long island.

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