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TJ Maxx pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the T.J.Maxx Application

Downloading and printing the T.J.Maxx application offers increased opportunities to build meaningful rapports with hiring personnel and additional time to complete the documents. Unlike online employment forms, the printable PDF imposes no formal time limits, which enables workers to slow down and ensure all parts of applications receive due attention. Individuals must also turn the forms into desired locations personally. The necessity creates ideal chances to speak and meet directly with managers, tour stores, interact with potential coworkers, and ask questions about daily operations.

How to Fill out the T.J.Maxx PDF Application

Allotting between 20 and 30 minutes should prove sufficient enough to complete T.J.Maxx employment requests. Individuals must also use legible shades of ink, such as blue or black, to fill in the hiring forms. Print clearly, whiteout errors or reprint the documents in the event of mistakes, and take as much time as needed to enter in the data required. Other considerations include reading through the waivers and statements at the end of the application to understand legal rights concerning the hiring process and employment as a TJX Companies associate.

“Personal Data”
After placing the date and the names of any persons serving as referents at the top of the document, each applicant encounters a section devoted to standard contact information. Workers find lines for names, addresses, telephone numbers, preferred nicknames, and emails. Individuals should list current and last places of residence, if applicable.

The form moves on to questions concerning previous applications submitted to or employment with TJX Companies brands, such as Marshalls, HomeGoods, or T.J.Maxx. If applicants respond Yes to any of the prompts, the individuals must include details for the dates employed and the specific locations. Candidates need to list any relatives or friends employed by the chain and reveal sources for hearing about the job opportunities in the section, as well. The Personal Data portion ends with lines to indicate age above 18 and legal authorization to work in the United States.

“Employment Desired”
A simple and straightforward section entitled Employment Desired follows the Personal Data portion of the application. Beginning with the position desired, each candidate enters dates available to work, hourly availability for each day the week, total hours available each week, and type of employment sought, i.e. part-time, full-time, or temporary. Two final questions probe into applicant desires to travel and/or relocate.

The printable application form also offers space for details surrounding past places of employment. Workers need to list past jobs beginning with current or most recent positions held. In addition to the names of the establishments, prospective employees must provide the company addresses, phone numbers, job titles, reasons for leaving, dates employed, pay rates, and duties. Applicants may list up to five places of employment, with options to attach additional information on separate sheets of paper to the hiring forms.

Individuals indicate highest grades completed in the Education section. Spaces for specific information regarding academic institutions appear beneath numbers representing each grade from middle school through graduate school. Information requested for each institution includes the names, locations, fields of study, degrees, and intended graduation or actual graduation dates. Applicants must provide the retailer permission to contact the institutions to verify the information.

“Skills and Qualifications”
The application forms invites workers to check off on a series of skills and abilities listed in the next section. Job hopefuls encounters boxes next to attributes ranging from computer software knowledge and clerical experience to physical capabilities, such as pasts involving packing, maintenance, or inventory responsibilities. Mark off on as many or as few attributes as desired, if applicable. Beneath the list, candidates may write in special skills or trades acquired related to any positions for hire or potential beneficial in the hiring process.

“Professional References”
Following Skills and Qualifications, the printable hiring documents provide three data fields for T.J.Maxx candidates to enter in references. Each reference must remain professionally impartial and unrelated to the person completing the form. Provide the names, email addresses, relationships to, and phone numbers for the referents.

Candidates finish filling in the PDF hiring requests with details regarding past criminal convictions. Individuals without prior convictions often leave most of the data fields blank, with the exception of check marks to indicate no prior charges or formal legal sanctions. The application contains specific information for residents of five U.S. states, including Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, California, and Georgia. Read through the statements carefully to avoid providing unnecessary and potentially incriminating information. Workers with past convictions must list the infractions in the spaces provided, the dates occurred, and details surrounding the circumstances.

More state-specific information follows the Signature section header for individuals living in Massachusetts and Maryland. The brief statements touch on important hiring and employment laws governing the actions of businesses in the states. Following the state-specific information, the section offers general details about the TJX Companies onboarding process and the legal rights of candidates once applications reach the hands of hiring personnel. Workers should note applications remain active and on file for a maximum of 90 days. Signing and dating the form serves as a legal agreement to the terms and finalizes the document for further processing.

“Acknowledgement and Authorization”
A small informational section regarding backgrounds checks follows the signature and requires applicants to sign off on the documents once more. Workers need to place names, including any aliases, addresses, and phone numbers. Spaces for further details remain in the box below based on the decisions of hiring managers.