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Taco John's represents a fast food brand with over 400 locations in 25 states. Entry-level job seekers throughout the United States find accessible employment prospects through the chain. Experienced candidates may seek careers in management. Both full-time and part-time jobs remain available.

Facts About Working at Taco Johns

Hiring Age: 15 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Taco John's?)

Available Positions: Counter Order Taker, Counter Cashier, Counter Expeditor, Dining Room Attendant, Drink Assembler, Steamtable Operator, Prep Rack Assembler, Wrapper, Fry Station Operator, Recipe and Food Preparer, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Taco John’s Job Opportunities

Founded in Wyoming in 1969, the Mexican-inspired chain persists as a popular fast food eatery in several markets. Consequently, the company regularly expands operations and opens new restaurants, with corporate-owned and franchised locations alike creating new jobs on a consistent basis. Employment hopefuls in states such as Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois may apply for positions with the business. In addition, Cheyenne, WY, remains the home of the company headquarters and several restaurant locations.

Work opportunities remain plentiful with the Mexican-fast food business. In particular, Taco John’s constantly hires entry-level job seekers to keep up with demand, expansion, and turnover rates. Candidates with positive attitudes and willingness to learn generally face little trouble gaining employment with the restaurant chain. Applicants with years of experience may submit applications for manager positions. Individuals typically must possess some level of management experience, especially relating to food service. Corporate office jobs and supply chain positions may prove available, as well.

Taco John’s Positions and Salary Options

Depending on applicable state and federal laws, individuals as young as 15 may apply for jobs with Taco John’s. Management candidates must typically stand at least 18 years of age to receive hiring consideration from the chain. The company follows Equal Opportunity Employment regulations as required by law. Available positions include:

Team Member

  • Usually earning minimum wage, team members carry out essential food preparation and customer service responsibilities at Taco John’s restaurants.
  • Duties include cooking and dispensing meals, processing cash and bank-card transactions, cleaning dining and kitchen areas, and restocking napkins, straws, and other items for patron use.
  • Entry-level candidates generally face no difficulties in obtaining team member jobs with the fast food chain.
  • The positions historically constitute part-time work opportunities.


  • Management employees work as either shift supervisors, assistant managers, or store managers.
  • Supervisory positions with the fast food franchise involve ensuring productivity, safety, cleanliness, and excellent service.
  • Employees offer training and discipline as appropriate to subordinate workers, perform opening and closing procedures, and directly assist customers.
  • Basic math skills prove important for management candidates, as supervisors often must monitor payroll hours, inventory losses, and monetary intake.
  • Shift supervisors make around $10.00 per hour, while assistant managers garner hourly wages of about $12.00.
  • Store managers may earn annual salary packages of $30,000 or more.

Tips For Applying

Entry-level jobs prove accessible to most employment seekers, regardless of experience, though prior work history in the fast food industry often benefits career hunters. While generally not mandatory, high school diplomas or GED equivalents may gain applicants additional consideration from the employer. Flexible availabilities and outgoing demeanors may also improve hiring prospects. Taco John’s candidates typically apply online; however, individuals may inquire about available positions in person, as well.

Application Status

Hiring managers with the fast food chain often contact job seekers within a week of receiving applications. If candidates wish to follow up sooner, or more than one week elapses without word from staffing personnel, applicants may speak with employees in person at restaurant locations. In many cases, phone calls often prove a viable method of follow up, as well. However, visiting locations in person allows hopefuls to demonstrate communication skills, professionalism, and respect for the time and work duties of the employer.

Benefits of Working at Taco John’s

Traditional job benefits programs with Taco John’s largely stand available to full-time management employees only. Work benefits may include:

  • Healthcare options
  • Including dental
  • Vision and life insurance coverage
  • Paid time off and 401(k) retirement plans

Part-time workers usually enjoy paid training, community involvement opportunities, performance-based bonuses, and meal discounts. Long-term associates may gain access to additional employment benefits.

More Details on Taco John’s

The chain offers a loyalty based incentives program in the form of Club TJ. Taco John’s customers may sign up for the free club to receive discounts, coupons, and promotional items. After registering online, customers automatically receive a coupon for a free meat-and-potato burrito within three days after signing up. In addition, the company offers patrons birthday discounts if the individuals entered birth date information when filling out the registration forms.


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