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Job hopefuls considering work within the fast food industry may apply to any of the more than 300 TacoTime locations within Canada and the United States. Fresh, real ingredients ensure the continued success of the franchise and provide growth and opportunity for career-minded individuals.

Facts About Working at TacoTime

Hiring Age: 15 years old (How old do you have to be to work at TacoTime?)

Available Positions: Team Member, Cook, Cashier, Shift Leader, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

TacoTime Employment Prospects

Owned by Kahala brands, TacoTime operates each restaurant with a minimum of 15 to 20 employees. Employing over 5,000 employees through the extensive franchise network, the company offers diverse careers and entry-level opportunities for interested job hunters. Restaurant locations harbor a majority of entry-level jobs available through the company. Job hopefuls possessing past experience with hard work and busy food rushes attract the attention of hiring managers. Training allows less experienced employment seekers to learn the tools to succeed with the Mexican-inspired restaurant. Common positions include cashier, prep cook, shift leader, and assistant manager roles.

New workers typically garner night, weekend, and holiday shifts. Associates may expect more desirable hours including days and weekends off as seniority builds. Salary also increases as personal contribution evaluations occur. Full-time work persists for experienced personnel as well as for corporate positions. Candidates gain preference over competition by including open schedule availability on applications. Hiring managers prefer not to work around schedules; however, part-time positions commonly allow for most schedule restrictions.

TacoTime Jobs and Salary Information

With age requirements resting at 15 years old, TacoTime employment opportunities may benefit both inexperienced candidates and seasoned workforce veterans. As high school students may work with the company, the company requires no high school diploma. However, upper-management roles do require schooling or commensurate fast food industry experience. The following jobs offer gainful employment:


  • Expectations for cashiers remain customer service based.
  • Associates must greet customers and patiently record orders.
  • Typical duties include cash handling, assisting cooks with preparation of food, and maintaining cleanly dining areas, restrooms, and parking lots.
  • Cashiers should display positive attitudes and possess the ability to answer any menu-related questions.
  • During food rushes, workers must employ the use of multitasking abilities and remain aware of various orders which require relay by word of mouth.
  • Cashiers must also attempt to resolve customer complaints before alerting managerial staff.
  • Depending on shift scheduling, workers operate drive-thru windows, which requires fast-paced and accurate order fulfillment.
  • Normal wages hover around minimum wage; however, experienced aspirants may obtain higher salaries in managerial roles.


  • Prior to beginning the day, cooks prepare food for quick delivery of service.
  • Workers must execute basic cooking procedures, such as rolling burritos, seasoning foods, and creating specific sauces.
  • Charged with reading orders and filling orders as accurately as possible, workers must demonstrate listening skills and comprehension to hiring managers.
  • Clean, well-maintained environments drive cooking operations and allow the company to retain business.
  • Ensuring personal hygiene meets company standards remains essential for candidates and workers to acquire and hold on to cooking jobs.
  • Secondary duties, left for less demanding hours, include taking out trash, arranging food for easy access, and assisting with cashier duties.
  • Cooks often make close to minimum wage.


  • Authoritative roles at TacoTime consist of shift leader, assistant manager, and general manager.
  • Each position requires prior experience in the fast food industry and entails the supervision of subordinate workers.
  • Shift leaders act as cashiers or cooks, while encouraging teamwork and ensuring the completion of basic duties.
  • Wages for shift leaders generally sit one or two dollars higher than cooks and cashiers.
  • Assistant managers earn from $20,000 to $35,000 yearly.
  • Carrying out many general manager roles, assistant managers must work between crew member duties and manager duties.
  • General managers garner the most pay within restaurant locations and earn between $35,000 and $60,000 a year.
  • Head managers also earn year-end bonuses by surpassing corporate-engineered sales goals.
  • Common duties require hiring staff, ordering ingredients, and implementing various promotional directives.
  • Responsible for the overall productivity of restaurants, managers must fill in as needed to offset rushes or employee absences.

Tips For Applying

Access to applications remains available in restaurant locations and through the online job portal. When asking for applications in person, remember to speak respectfully and ask to talk with current hiring managers. Talking with management shows initiative and prompts recruiting staff to connect names and faces. Interviews become more likely as recruiters observe desirable demeanors of applicants. Candidates should express interest in available jobs by presenting well-groomed appearances. Dress appropriately and remember not to overdress, as the initiative may preclude the possibility for future interviews. Applicants seeking easier approaches to gaining interviews should set aside about a half hour to complete online forms. Basic questions concerning past work and education experience along with references make up large portions of the application. Include only relevant work and education histories and use references outside immediate family.

Application Status

Applying with paper applications allows candidates to reap the benefits of talking with managers before following up. Some managers, depending on immediacy of need for open positions, wait to request interviews until candidates follow up. Contact recruiting staff by phone, email, or by stopping into TacoTime locations. Ensure management reviewed the application by waiting up to three days after form submission before initiating contact. General hiring practices take around two and three weeks to learn of job offers. If applying to locations with no urgent need for employees, applicants remain eligible for hire at later dates, as the company may save applications for later use. Due to industry turnover rates, if no immediate need persists then applicants should expect notice of interviews within a couple months.

Benefits of Working at TacoTime

Operating as a franchise, TacoTime offers varying employee job benefits. In general, eligible employees access dental and medical coverage work benefits, incentive programs, and discounted meals. Some associates enjoy future-planning benefits like 401(k) retirement plan options. Paid time off provides company workers with holiday, vacation, and sick pay. The company also promises timely and consistent performance appraisals and wage reviews.

Further Information about TacoTime

To reduce company waste, TacoTime collects compostable materials. The company continues to find ways to make compostable packaging in order to reduce river pollution and the amount of water needed to grow crops. The plan aims to prevent 400,000 pounds of trash from entering landfills. With the initiative mainly active within the Northwest part of the country, the company looks to expand the green-conscious plan to other locations in the near future.

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