Target Interview Questions & Tips

Start The Interview Process by Applying Online or In-Store

An international retailer with more than 1,700 locations in the U.S. alone, Target uses a unique hiring procedure to onboard staff. To begin the process, applicants must visit Target locations in-person and fill out an electronic hiring form at designated kiosks. The kiosks typically bear red color schemes to match the company color. The digital form takes about an hour to complete. One an applicant finishes the form and submits the document, the worker must wait at the kiosk for a telephone call from a hiring manager. A red telephone generally sits directly adjacent to the hiring kiosk at Target stores. Applicants may opt to receive a phone call at a later date by checking the appropriate box on the digital document before submission.

Face-to-Face Interviews

When a Target hiring manager finally contacts the candidate, the aspiring worker either receives an invitation for a job interview or gratitude for interest in the company in the form of a formal pass over. Target applicants who move on in the hiring process schedule an initial job interview immediately. The first interview plays out in laidback fashion, with a single hiring representative, often a potential supervisor, asking questions based on the resume submitted. The second interview with Target, also held in face-to-face format, may include more than one hiring manager, but often remains a 1:1 session with an assistant store manager. During the first interview, applicants generally fill out a brief assessment, which further delves into topics covered in the initial employment form. Common scenarios and other basic questions regarding personality typically prove the topics of interest on the assessments.

Common Interview Questions

Target hiring managers use the assessments and employment forms as a base for interview questions. Applicants typically respond to a handful of questions during each Target job interview ranging from:

Target representatives also pose certain behavioral situations to job seekers on subjects like loss prevention, conflict resolution, and getting along with fellow associates. Applicants may also respond to questions regarding criminal histories or recent jobs, if applicable.

How to Get a Job at Target

The entire Target hiring process takes about a week or two to complete. High competition for Target jobs may increase the time it takes to complete the process, with some applicants spending as much as a month going through the procedure. Customer service ranks as a top priority with Target hiring managers. Workers should stress customer service abilities thoroughly during Target job interviews. Target also places a large importance on teamwork. Business-oriented attire generally suits most positions when interview with Target. Applicants in the running for managerial jobs may want to consider sensible dresses or suits to further demonstrate professionalism and genuine interest in the job.

Target Cashier Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
Target Employee: While employed at Target, I worked the register as a cashier there. That’s about it.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?
Target Employee: It was cool, up tempo. There was a lot of moving around because not only was I doing the register, but I also had to work the floors and help customers I had seen looking around. Or if I had nothing to do, I’d help other employees. So, it was up tempo, a lot of moving around, a lot of talking, a lot of communication.

Interviewer: What was your favorite part about working there?
Target Employee: Interacting with other people. Talking to other people. I’m very talkative at times, so that was fun.

Interviewer: Please describe a typical day as an employee.
Target Employee: Typical day, a lot of things going on. A typical day at Target is very busy. It’s a popular store, so a lot of people shop there. As an employee, you’re always on the go, always doing something. It’s busy there.

Interviewer: How would describe the application and interview process?
Target Employee: The application was simple. I did it online at the store. But, once they called you in, I went through two interview processes. The first one was to see how I would fit in with the other employees, and the second one was to see if I could do the work as far as the register, calculating, and things of that nature.

Interviewer: What should an applicant wear to the job interview?
Target Employee: Business apparel. At Target, you should always wear a shirt and tie or a dress-up shirt. Something casual.

Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?
Target Employee: When they asked me “What do you think you can bring to the company?” That stood out to me because I think I can bring a lot to any company. As long as I’m affiliated with it, there’s a lot coming with it. That questions stands out to me because I have a lot going on with myself.

Interviewer: What set you apart from other candidates?
Target Employee: My personality and the way I presented myself, and my interaction with the hiring manager. I think that I made a good impression. That’s why I got the job.

Interviewer: Did you earn any benefits or other job perks?
Target Employee: Discounts. They gave me a couple of discounts, like 15% off on a lot of things, electronics. That was good.

Interviewer: Did you experience any promotions or career growth?
Target Employee: As far as career growth, it did teach me a lot of things as far as working with others and being active because around the time I was working there, it was around Christmas time. So a lot of things were going on: a lot of sales, a lot of hours. So, it helped me manage my time better and focus more on the things that I need to, as far as the job was concerned and leave the playing stuff alone. So, it helped me grow in that nature.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
Target Employee: Go for it. It’s a good job. It’s a learning experience as far as if you like to communicate with others, working with others. It’s a team atmosphere; a lot of people got to work together, especially when you have a big store like that where a lot of things are going on. So, it teaches you a lot of things. If you like working with other, then Target is something to do.

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  • shawn harris says:

    when a persone has a interview, he or she should go to the interview dressed up. they should expect questions that poeple deal with every day like for example when people start trouble with u, do u walk away from it or do u get even or feed in to it.? and other questions like did u finish high school or collage,and do u have proof sayin that u did.

  • Kim Dear says:

    As a management major I’m going to give it a shot on advice:

    (1) Talk about what you have accomplished in the field that you are interviewing for.


    (2) What it is you can do for the job .

    I hope this helps

  • Joe says:

    Can you get the job if you didn’t finsh high school?

  • Brent Furnas says:

    do they ask you any specific questions like wal-mart does?

  • Stuart says:

    Above all, be motivated, do anything in your power to improve, ask if you do not know, and then be 100% in all you do.

    No excuses, no regrets.

    Represent the company, do what you can to excel in one or more cross-training departments and always be keen on learning new things.

  • lynn griffiths says:

    I found this page very informative, as I have applied for a couple of positions at target, but have not yet heard. Is that a good sign??

  • Carolyn Taylor says:

    I really appreciate this service for all the information it gives. The video of real people that work for Target is a plus indeed. I would like to see a video of a senior person like me that has retired from a career but still has plenty to give to the workforce on a part-time level. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  • Brittany says:

    I have a second interview with target does anyone know what questions will be asked? What i need to be preparded for? I applied for overnight.

  • Sylvia Bryan says:

    I interviewed with Target several years ago. The process was professional and enjoyable and I got the job.

  • Jordan Kruzel says:

    I found this page extremely helpful!! Especially because I have my job interview today with Target and I have been really nervous and stressed out about it. From reading everything I have read I am feeling more confident about my job interview today. I am just hoping that it goes well and I don’t say anything wrong.

  • Tina Palmer says:

    I interviewed with Target and it was a great experience. The staff were very friendly and professional. I had two interviews, then I had to go home and fill out the application. I am just waiting to here back. I was told it would take about a week or so.

  • Michael says:

    I was just interviewed at Target during a recent in-store hiring event for seasonal work. The main questions I was asked: Talk about a time you had to work with somebody you disagreed with and how you resolved it. Talk about a time you were interrupted while trying to do something and how you dealt with it. Talk about a time you had to involve someone of a higher rank in a situation you couldn’t resolve. Talk about a time you turned a situation around by changing your attitude. And one other similar question I don’t recall. That was in addition to things like asking why I wanted to work at Target, if I was okay with heavy lifting, if I was flexible with hours, etc.

  • Devina Wilder says:

    My experience with Target was great. I got the job. The employer was very kind, and respectful. My boss was very nice also, she wore casual clothes, red short sleeve shirt and long tan khaki pants. Her hair was brushed to the back in a ponytail in the middle of her head. I liked when my boss, or team manager greeted me with a handshake and at the end of the questionnaire she said she will be more than happy to work me. I grinned bigger than ever. Next another manager comes in to greet me and welcomed me to target seasonal marketing part time position.

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