Teavana Job Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Teavana

The Teavana hiring process generally includes a very informal and navigable series of job interviews. Applicants typically undergo one-on-one interviews with hiring personnel at a desired store location. Taking place over the course of three to five days, in most cases, job interviews feature a number of traditional and behavioral questions.

Interview Questions

Commonly asked interview questions include:

  • "Why do you want to work for Teavana?"
  • "How do you handle a difficult customer?"
  • "What is your biggest accomplishment?"
Interviewers may also ask applicants about company knowledge and future goals. Following the job interview, the company may conduct drug screening and criminal background checks, but typically only for managerial roles and positions in the company corporate offices.

What to Expect During the Interview Process

During Teavana interviews, hiring managers typically treat candidates to cups of tea. Talk often winds up on the subject of tea, which serves as a major selling point during the interview process. Applicants should express genuine interest in all things tea, including preparation, history, favorite types and blends, and equipment. At-length discussion about the tea industry and tea in general often sets candidates apart and shows a serious commitment to what working for Teavana represents and entails. In some cases, hiring officials ask prospective workers to mock-sell an item in the store during the course of job interviews. One interview may prove all that is necessary to gain employment, although some stores interview multiple candidates at once using group session and then move applicants with potential on to additional rounds of screening.

What to Wear

Dress business casual for interviews. While applicants interact with customers on a regular basis, workers need only dress in business-appropriate attire while on the clock. Khakis or dressy slacks and polos, sensible blouses, or button-down shirts serve as typical clothing worn by Teavana associates.

How to Stand Out

Applicants should demonstrate professional and upbeat demeanors during the interview process. Answer interview questions with confidence and provide clear and concise answers. Use examples from past jobs to demonstrate sales and customer service skills. Retail industry experience aids an applicant in the job interview. If possible, express an ability to work an open work schedule. The company favors hiring applicants able to work nights and weekends. Several days after the closing interview, contact hiring managers to check in and inquire about hiring status.


  • Maria says:

    Is there a drug test? If there is what kinds?

  • Nicole says:

    no drug test @ all for me- atlanta , ga location

  • Helping Hand Brittany says:

    I just hired on the spot at Teavana as a seasonal team member. So far I love it. The training manual is big and there’s a LOT of important things you have to memorize about the tea and tea benefits. The dress code is casual, but not too casual:no sneakers, no spaghetti straps, girls can wear leggings but as long as their butts are covered, no t-shirts. You get a 40% discount and free tea during your shift. THE MORE RETAIL EXPERIENCE YOU HAVE THE BETTER.

  • Helping Hand Brittany says:

    Like I said a while back, Teavana is a cool place to work, sadly I don’t get many hours. I went from workin 3-5 days a week to working 1 or 2 and getting 9 hours a week. Also if you’re a newbie you’re gonna spend WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much time at the sample cart

  • Roger says:

    Does teavana drug test in chicago?

  • anonymous says:

    does the seattle location drug test?

  • Sally says:

    Does the location in Langhorne, PA at oxford valley mall drug test?

  • Kelly says:

    does the westroads mall location in omaha, ne drug test??

  • Kat says:

    I’ve just started at Teavana. No drug test (KY) and hired me even with a disclosed misdemeanor marijuana possession charge. They don’t care about piercings or tattoos, as long as the tattoos aren’t rude or risque. Close toed shoes, no spaghetti straps, skirts must be to the knee. Only semblance of a uniform is the thigh-length apron you wear. So far, I really like it, although the sales tactics are rigid and a bit pushy.

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