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If you need to fill a part-time vacancy or simply enjoy changing careers frequently, the career answer for you may be temporary employment opportunities.

Temp Services: The industry consists of employers contracting temporary work services to find employees for stand-in jobs. Workers continue in a position for changing lengths of time, with the average tenure standing between three and six months. Temp companies provide training and assessments of workers to identify appropriate placements. The temporary positions may lead to permanent employment at a company, in some cases. Eleven million people hold employment in the temp services industry, according to the American Staffing Association.

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Temp Positions: Some career fields temps may staff include administrative, medical, marketing, engineering, hospitality, and human resources. Employees commonly find work in call centers and as day laborers or office associates. Interview preparation and strong resumes help aspirants exhibit skills and strengths, which leads to placement in suitable professions. Entry-level jobs generally prove most accessible for stand-in workers. No specific educational background proves necessary for temp jobs; however, candidates with high school diplomas or equivalents may face better prospects.

Pay/Benefits: Pay for temp workers varies by occupation, with salary options ranging between $7.00 and $21.00 per hour. The type of work and industry assumed, along with length of tenure in a position, greatly affect overall earnings. Along with traditional benefits like medical insurance coverage and 401(k) retirement plans, temp employment positions allow workers to gain relevant experience for future career paths and offer flexible work options related to current skill sets and job availability.

Temp Service Job Descriptions

Temporary Employee – Specializing in outsourcing provisional employees to clients in a wide range of industries, temp services and staffing agencies recruit workers to fill temporary positions lasting for varying lengths of time. While technically hired by the staffing agency, temporary employees usually work offsite at the offices of the client. Popular among various types of companies, temp services place workers in a variety of different job assignments. Temporary employees regularly fill job vacancies in fields like accounting, education, engineering, finance, healthcare, information technology, law, and science. Major call centers frequently use staffing agencies to obtain temporary help, as well. The duties and responsibilities of temporary workers largely depend on the specific job assignment. Temporary employees commonly serve as office assistants responsible for data entry and other clerical tasks. General labor represents another type of occupation regularly staffed by provisional workers. The duration of temporary employment generally varies, with some job assignments only lasting a few months while others become permanent positions after a designated period of time. Before assigning workers to temporary jobs, staffing agencies typically administer pre-employment assessments to evaluate the skills of candidates and ensure proper placement. Related work experience often serves as a secondary consideration to supplement the results of the assessments. Temporary employees may earn anywhere from minimum wage to $20.00 an hour or more, depending on the type of work performed.

Recruiter – In addition to outsourcing temporary employees, staffing agencies hire recruiters to work at branch offices. Recruiters work directly for the temp service and help to place temporary employees in suitable jobs. Major responsibilities range from screening resumes and interviewing candidates to administering assessments, checking references, and performing background checks. Recruiters also work closely with clients to ensure the placement of qualified employees possessing the necessary skills for the job. Entry-level recruiter positions often require some professional experience in a corporate setting and usually involve working in an office environment during normal business hours. Recruiters generally start out making about $15.00 or $16.00 per hour and enjoy the potential to earn an average annual salary of $50,000 or more with experience.