Texaco Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Texaco

Iconic gas station chain Texaco looks to interview candidates seeking employment in the customer-service field. Job seekers typically put in hiring requests at local stores, although applicants may submit employment materials online. After initially contacting applicants via telephone, job seekers proceed to one-to-one interviews, which tend to be the most common way to screen candidates. The entire hiring process usually lasts anywhere from two to four weeks, with entry-level positions often holding the possibility of on-the-spot hiring. The interview process may include background checks and drug screenings. Dress appropriately for interviews, with business-casual attire serving as a basic level for appropriate dress.

Typical Interview Questions

Job seekers hoping to fill customer service positions often sit through one brief interview, which could ultimately culminate in a job offer, though multiple interviews may be necessary. In general, hiring managers look for candidates with open schedules, friendly dispositions, and reliable transportation. Typical interview questions may include:

  • "Why did you choose Texaco?"
  • "Do you consider yourself a reliable person?"
  • "Does your availability include nights and weekends?"
Questions generally prove uncomplicated in nature, and applicants should keep responses to the point, keeping focus on the task at hand. Interviewees may take simple math assessments during the hiring process, as customer service associates must competently handle cash and issue change.



    I have worked in Texaco Olton for the last 3 months. I would like to continue my career in Texaco in Birmingham.

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