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Creator of world-changing technology, Texas Instruments ranks among the top suppliers and producers of semiconductors, chips, and digital signal processors. Recognizably a great place to work, entry-level positions exist for exceptional associates.

Facts About Working at Texas Instruments

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Texas Instruments?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative, Technician, Manufacturing Specialist, Development Applications Engineer, Electrical Co-Design Engineer, Embedded Software Engineer, Test Engineer, Product Engineer, Systems Engineer, Customer Quality Engineer, Design Engineer, Field Applications Engineer, Android Product Specialist, Architect, Technical Leader, Assistant Store Manager, General Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Texas Instruments Job Opportunities

Founded in 1951, Texas Instruments offers nearly 100,000 unique products. Creating innovative merchandise and pushing boundaries, the tech company employs approximately 35,000 people from 35 countries around the globe. Workers assist in creating a smarter, safer, greener, healthier, and more fun world. Job opportunities remain consistently available and range from technician and operator positions to recent college graduate internships and office associate careers. Entry-level positions with limited-to-no qualifications required allow inexperienced individuals to apply, as well.

Soaring employment numbers suggest a growing company recipient of numerous awards and recognitions. Both full-time and part-time careers stand available; however, employment hours may vary within first, second, and third shifts. Women and minorities present a large percentage of the workforce within Texas Instruments, as diversity creates variation in experiences, work styles, and overall corporate thought. By recruiting talented individuals, ideas prosper and open doors for future growth. New employees frequently pair with experienced coworkers to learn work cultures and address questions and issues while receiving performance feedback. A global social media forum also exists to connect colleagues and integrate new employees.

Texas Instruments Positions and Salary Information

Entry-level positions require basic communication skills and the ability to follow directions carefully. Familiarity with simple arithmetic allows associates to complete assignments effectively. Workers need the ability to type 15 words per minute and must possess general computer skills. Desirable applicants hold high school diplomas; however, some positions maintain no educational requirements. Advanced college degrees aid in acquiring mid- to upper-level careers. Readily available entry-level jobs sit below:

Machine Operator

  • Applicants seeking manufacturing positions working with semiconductors may take interest in machine operator jobs.
  • Most machine operators make hourly wages between $10.00 and $13.50.
  • Operating in state-of-the-art rooms, team members produce technology prepared to change the world.
  • The job title requires individuals to work in dynamic and highly competitive positions and stand for 12 hours fully smocked.
  • Qualified candidates must also maintain visual alertness and manual dexterity.
  • Training includes learning how to operate automatic and semi-automatic equipment, assembly procedures, and testing of microchips.

Administrative Assistant

  • An essential role supporting general office organization, the position of administrative assistant requires individuals to possess the ability to work with all levels of management and employees.
  • Executive positions assist in completing assignments passed down from the vice president, controller, and human resource director.
  • Duties include maintaining calendars, coordinating travel and meetings, and creating presentation materials.
  • Ideal workers communicate strongly both verbally and in written formats and present confidence and professionalism.
  • Proficiency in office software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint remain necessary for hire.
  • Applicants need three years of previous experience for full consideration.
  • The position pays a yearly salary of up to $55,000.


  • Geared toward college students and recent graduates, internships vary intensely from opportunities in human resources and marketing to finance and engineering.
  • Minimum education requirements include bachelor’s degrees or some college coursework.
  • Degrees must relate to specific fields ranging from finance and industrial engineering to business and marketing.
  • Internships generally last for short periods of time and aid interns in finding employment directly afterward.
  • Interns learn methods of operation while advancing knowledge in chosen fields.
  • Part-time and full-time opportunities remain available.
  • Pay rates rest between $16.00 and $24.00 an hour. Openings fill rapidly.

Tips For Applying

Texas Instruments seeks workers able to perform effortlessly. Hiring assessments determine whether applicants hold the necessary prerequisite skills. Pre-employment assessments often consist of applied reading, arithmetic computation, speed and accuracy, and background information. An online application form guides potentials through the process. The technology company regularly uses staffing agencies to fill select numbers of manufacturing positions. Successful minds collaborate, embrace creativity, and uphold determination and high standards, with the goal of improving science, technology, engineering, and math.

Application Status

Once contacted by hiring managers, job seekers should expect multiple interviews throughout the hiring process. Advanced positions sometimes require online interviews and recordings followed by in-person meetings. The process for warehouse positions proves less vigorous. Recruitment for interns often occurs on campus and through career events. Contact may take place through email rather than by phone. Following interviews with thank-you emails or phone calls demonstrates interest.

Benefits of Working at Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments engages employees through competitive salary packages and job benefits options. Rewarding workers by paying for performance, such as paid time off and vacation, creates successful company environments.

On top of industry-norm base pay,

  • Employees receive cash bonuses,
  • Equity programs, and
  • 401(k) retirement plans.

An online employment benefits portal describes each available advantage along with tips and articles to help staff achieve maximum wellness. An employee assistance program features free counseling sessions and work-life resources available at no cost to workers and family members. Healthcare coverage includes dental, vision, and medical insurance along with life insurance and long-term disability. To retain talent, the computer software manufacturer offers numerous continuing education programs.

More Information on Texas Instruments

The major computer technology firm offers an exciting program created to encourage science, technology, engineering, and mathematical careers and learning called STEM Behind Hollywood. Created around Hollywood themes like zombies, superheroes, space, and forensics, students take the role of scientists by using real-life concepts featured on famous television shows. Through the use of TI-Nspire technology, students use advanced handheld calculators, apps, classroom management systems, and teacher and student software.

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