Texas Instruments Job Interview Questions & Tips

In-depth Hiring Process

A global company, Texas Instruments represents one of the largest distributors and manufacturers of analog electronics, semiconductors, and digital processors. The FORTUNE 500 company maintains a workforce of nearly 35,000 associates. To hire on new workers, Texas Instruments puts applicants through intense, multistage interview processes. Three interviews often prove necessary for hiring. Beginning with online submissions of hiring forms, the Texas Instruments hiring process then takes applicants through rounds of phone interviews or one-to-one interviews with HR representatives or panels of select personnel. Phone interview typically represent the most common initial method of screening potential employees. Texas Instruments face-to-face job interviews usually remain used in latter stages of the hiring process.

What to Expect

Applicants must regularly prepare mini-presentations on technical knowledge relevant to the position desired during Texas Instruments interviews. The brief presentations usually consist of 10 or so minutes explaining technical backgrounds, including past positions held, accomplishments, and specific knowledge of industry trends. Applicants may share presentations in-person or online via webcam or prerecorded video. The Texas Instruments interview process weeds out individuals who lack experience and solid working knowledge of the electronics industry. Technical strengths which increase odds of employment include:

  • coding
  • circuitry
  • troubleshooting
Texas Instruments interview questions also touch on leadership skills and long-term aspirations with the company.

What to Wear

Candidates should wear clothing typical of office work environments, arrive well-groomed, and speak confidently with Texas Instruments hiring staff at all times.

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