The Athlete’s Foot Interview Questions & Tips

Short Hiring Process

As one of the world's leading franchisors of athletic footwear stores, The Athlete's Foot hires talented and caring workers to join the team. The footwear retailer uses a basic interview process to screen capable workers. Typically, The Athlete's Foot evaluates a potential hire through one in-store interview with a hiring manager. Interviews generally last between 15 and 20 minutes and are relatively laidback. In some cases, successful applicants receive job offers when interviews end. Most often, applicants are asked to join the Athlete's Foot team several days following interviews.

What to Expect During Your Interview

The Athlete's Foot interviews usually feature a mix of basic and behavioral interview questions. Hiring managers generally inquire about employment history and sales skills. Basic interview questions include:

  • "Why do you want to work for The Athlete's Foot?"
  • "Do you have any relevant retail experience?"
  • "Tell me a bit about yourself."
Behavioral questions typically address customer care and teamwork skills. Some specific questions job seekers may encounter include:
  • "How would you handle a customer that is upset?"
  • "When was a time you had to work in a team to accomplish a challenging task?"
Interviewees may also need to role-play in sales scenarios. Interviews may conclude with talks of pay rates and work schedules. Depending position and Athlete's Foot store location, applicants may need to participate in additional rounds of interviews.

Making a Good Impression

To land a job at The Athlete's Foot, an applicant must perform well in the interview. The Athlete's Foot uses the interview process to find friendly, energetic, and knowledgeable store associates, and applicants should show personality and enthusiasm during interviews. Whenever possible, job hopefuls want to demonstrate desire for jobs and passion for providing excellent customer care. Referring back to previous customer service and sales experience always benefits a candidate in the interview. All responses should be kept concise and to the point, and job hunters want to deliver answers using clear speaking voices. Upright posture and steady eye contact also benefit a job seeker in an interview at The Athlete's Foot.

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