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First opened in Brentwood, CA, in 1963, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf stands as the oldest and largest privately held specialty coffee and tea retailer in the United States. The coffee chain manages over 940 locations, which require motivated employees across 28 nations.

Facts About Working at The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf?)

Available Positions: Barista, Cashier, Shift Supervisor, Assistant Manager, General Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Job Opportunities

Known for sourcing the finest ingredients, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Company serves premium coffee-related menu items, which spurs popularity and drives the need for new workers. Most coffeehouse jobs available entail customer service and drink preparation aspects. Cafe employees must readily prepare each order and cater to customer specifications. Attention to detail and excellent customer service skills rank as highly sought after traits in new associates. Workers must also possess reliable transportation and basic math skills.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Company primarily hires workers on as part-time employees. Applicants 16 and older may begin as part-time team members but quickly gain full-time status with proven abilities. Passionate representatives of the brand use time-honored traditions to connect loyal customers with carefully handcrafted products. Coffee enthusiasts determined to spread cultural coffeehouse lifestyles may find fulfillment working for the hot beverage chain. Hiring personnel usually seek out determined yet laidback personalities for available jobs.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Employment and Wages Information

As the top priorities of the chain, quality and customer service factor into daily responsibilities. Workers at every level must exude extreme passion for providing high-quality beverages to customers. Employees must also create cozy and inviting lounging environments. With growth and expansion imminent, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf offers continuous development through career paths in the following job titles:


  • Entry-level associates responsible for serving menu items with friendly and individualized attention toward customers, baristas provide education about coffees and teas, ring up sales, and clean work stations.
  • Applicants must display effective communications skills and likeable attitudes for hiring consideration.
  • Besides creating trademark beverages, workers in the historically part-time roles handle cash, which requires elementary arithmetic skills.
  • Restocking supplies and operation of kitchen equipment also make up typical duties.
  • Baristas earn between $8.00 and $11.00 an hour, on average.

Shift Supervisor

  • Generally, shift supervisors provide coaching and feedback for all non-management team members.
  • Other responsibilities range from following visual presentation guidelines and supervising entry-level staffs to increasing sales volumes, handling phone calls, delegating cleaning duties, and resolving customer service issues as well as team member concerns.
  • Normally, hourly wages for shift supervisors range from $10.00 to $14.00.
  • The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf seeks shift supervisors with a minimum of one year retail experience.

Store Manager

  • Store managers ensure team members provide efficient and effective services.
  • Each store manager creates the tone and personality of store locations by advocating constant training, providing excellent customer service, retaining product knowledge, and encouraging safe work practices.
  • Other obligations include developing and executing sales and profit plans, controlling costs, and preventing loss.
  • Workers must possess three years of experience in retail management for consideration.
  • Salary options range from $42,000 to $48,000 annually but may increase with tenure.

Tips For Applying

In order to receive consideration for interviews, candidates may apply online or in-store. One-on-one interview settings provide applicants with standard hiring procedure expectations; however, difficult questions may arise and separate job hopefuls unable to withstand pressure from applicant pools. The coffeehouse holds tradition near and dear. Employment seekers should research the company prior to applying to better understand potential work environments and responsibilities.

Application Status

The application process typically takes a few days but may culminate sooner. Establishing rapport with potential associates and managers after submitting hiring forms often bolsters chances for employment. Sending thank-you cards or notes also demonstrates ideal traits of persistence, which The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf company heavily seeks.

Benefits of Working for The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Available work benefits may include medical, dental, life, and vision insurance.

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Paid time off, and quarterly performance bonuses also remain available.
  • Friendly and educational environments
  • Cultural enhancement
  • Flexible hours
  • Free drinks, generous pay, and
  • Room for growth encompass some other employee benefits relished by employees.

Extra Information on The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf believes in philanthropy and manages a non-profit organization called Aid Lanka Kids Foundation. Formed immediately after the 2004 tsunami disaster in Sri Lanka, the charitable outfit raises funds for infrastructure and support systems to care for orphaned children in Sri Lanka. Another philanthropic company venture, The Caring Cup program, encourages donations to charities and schools in communities served by stores as well as regions which harvest coffee and teas for the massive franchise.


  • Devin Milan says:

    I would like to work at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Unfortunetly, the application does not include locations in Hawaii. Should I go to the location I would prefer and ask for an application?

  • karen goodfellow says:

    I worked at the coffee bean and tea leaf in Culver City,from August 2008-May2009. I was a barista and head cashier.

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