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Hiring process information for an interview at The North Face

How to Get a Job at The North Face

Capitalizing on the surging popularity of wilderness chic, The North Face represents a rapidly growing fashion retail chain fulfilling the outdoor apparel and equipment needs of customers through a nationwide network of more than 40 store locations. Each store continuously hires entry-level employees to keep up with the increasing demand for The North Face brand products. Job seekers commence the hiring process by applying for open positions online or in-person. Applicants opting to drop off resumes personally in stores sometimes earn immediate interview consideration. Other candidates typically wait a week or two before receiving invitations to job interviews.

Interview Questions to Expect

The duration and structure of the interview process largely depends on the hiring requirements of the job vacancy. Candidates seeking entry-level sales associate jobs generally participate in a solitary one-on-one or group interview. Potential managers and supervisors usually need to complete two or three North Face interviews often comprising a combination of phone screenings, 1:1 interviews, and panel interview sessions. Interview questions generally delve into the customer service abilities, outdoor experiences, and previous jobs of applicants. Questions such as the following arise frequently during interviews:

  • "What does good customer service look like?"
  • "Which outdoor activities do you enjoy?"
Hiring managers may also make inquiries a bit more conversational in tone, such as:
  • "Describe what you can bring to the North Face team in one word."
  • "Tell me about a time when you had to assist multiple customers simultaneously."

What to Wear

Proper interview attire should appropriately reflect the nature of the desired position without being overly casual or formal. Clothing worn to The North Face interviews should ideally project a combination of professionalism and love of the outdoors.

How to Make a Good Impression

At the interview, greet hiring manager enthusiastically and maintain an appropriate level of eagerness throughout the meeting. As the company often hires entry-level associates with little or no retail experience, interviewees should focus on showcasing an engaging personality and knowledge of outdoor exploration, in addition to emphasizing any job-related skills. Conclude the interview by thanking the hiring manager for the consideration and asking about the necessary steps for follow-up.

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