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North American sandwich shop Pita Pit maintains 350 locations. The popular chain mainly operates in college towns or suburban areas with dense populations. Each restaurant provides employment opportunities for between 10 and 20 individuals, depending on location.

Facts About Working at The Pita Pit

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at The Pita Pit?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative, Cashier, Line Cook, Prep Cook, Assistant Restaurant Manager, General Restaurant Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

The Pita Pit Job Opportunities

Applicants with a desire to work in the fast food industry or merely looking for part-time jobs featuring competitive base pay and room for moderate growth should look into available positions. Much like competing sandwich shops, The Pita Pit provides customers the ability to create sandwiches from scratch by choosing from assortments of toppings. Associates prepare patron sandwiches in assembly-line fashion and maintain kitchen areas as well as complete transactions at the cash register. The most common position for hire encompasses most responsibilities necessary for day-to-day functions at the sandwich chain and falls under the job title pita roller, which exists under the broader title of pita crew member. Other jobs available as pita crew members include line cook and cashier.

The all-inclusive job opportunities available at Pita Pit locations require applicants to demonstrate strong teambuilding qualities during the hiring process and the ability to work quickly under pressure. During busy rushes, workers may need to execute multiple job duties in timely fashions. Attention-to-detail also serves as an ideal characteristic of potential employees, as food safety and quality play factors in final judgments of work performances. Individuals looking for full-time jobs may take interest in managerial careers available. Managers generally work alongside pita crew members in cooking for and serving customers, in addition to completing other, administrative tasks.

The Pita Pita Salary and Employment Information

Applicants must stand at least 18-years old in order to work for Pita Pit nationwide. The restaurant chain offers flexible shift scheduling and generous base pay, which prove ideal for part-time job hunters. Full-time opportunities featuring lucrative salary options also stand readily available. The fast food chain regularly hires for the following jobs:

Pita Roller

  • The position of pita roller represents the most widely accessible job available at Pita Pit restaurants.
  • Applicants looking for pita roller positions need only meet the minimum hiring age for employment consideration.
  • Additional requirements typically take the form of perceived work ethics and team-oriented personalities.
  • Job duties range from preparing food trays and taking customer orders to cooking foods, making sandwiches, and operating cash registers.
  • Pita rollers also maintain the cleanliness of dining areas.
  • The job involves a great deal of standing and moving on foot.
  • Basic kitchen safety and food quality practices must remain in observance at all times.
  • Most pita roller associates earn minimum wage to start and around $8.50 hourly pay, on average.

Line Cook

  • Another entry-level job, line cook features responsibilities solely in Pita Pit kitchens.
  • Workers operate large, flattop grills to prepare meats and vegetables for consumption.
  • Applicants with previous culinary or restaurant experience may receive job offers over other candidates due simply to requirements for health and food safety.
  • Working conditions often feature hot and strenuous stations, with most tasks performed on foot.
  • Line cooks may also need to lift heavy trays or tubs of ingredients repeatedly.
  • The average pay for line cook associates falls between $8.00 and $8.50 per hour.


  • Managers implement promotions and other marketing initiatives, track sales and inventory, report operations analysis to franchise owners and company corporate offices, and hire and train new employees.
  • Applicants may assume shift manager, assistant manager, or restaurant manager job titles.
  • Shift managers primarily look after subordinate employees, while assistant managers and restaurant managers carry out more operations-oriented tasks.
  • Pay scales for shift manager jobs hover around $9.00 an hour at start.
  • Assistant managers make nearly $10.00 hourly.
  • The average salary for restaurant managers exceeds $30,000 with regularity.

Tips For Applying

Each Pita Pit is individually owned and operated. Employment hopefuls looking for work with the global chain should contact the franchisees of interest. For corporate opportunities, job hunters can email cover letters and resumes to the appropriate email. Those seeking entry-level openings should arrive in person with professional resumes and hand deliver them to the managers on duty. Professional attire and a friendly personality go a long way in gaining hiring consideration. Additionally, reliable transportation, knowledge of the food industry, excellent verbal communication skills, and a knack for helping customers further increase employment chances.

Application Status

While the hiring process fluctuates between locations, the average wait period for receiving a phone call back is around one week. If aspirants want to expedite the process, they may arrive at locations and request updates on the statuses of their applications. It is important to be considerate of manager schedules and wait patiently till customers have been served. Interact positively with potential coworkers and managers by smiling, remaining polite, and asking questions related to the company or opportunity. When speaking with the manager, jump at the chance to describe work availability and related skill sets.

Benefits of Working at The Pita Pit

Employee benefits provided to associates working for the fast food chain include:

  • Industry standards
  • Like paid training
  • Flexible scheduling and discounted or free meals

Workers also receive complimentary uniforms and nametags upon hire and access opportunities for promotion and pay increases. Many locations also provide 401(k) retirement plans, healthcare insurance, life insurance, and paid time off. Specific employment benefits vary by location, as Pita Pit operates as a heavily franchised enterprise.

More Information on The Pita Pit

Pita Pit restaurants reward customers for continued patronage via a company-sponsored rewards program. To sign up for regular discounts and special promotions, customers simply provide contact information to a pita crew member at a franchised location. The customer then receives a rewards card, which collects data for purchases made and accrues point totals toward special discounts. Patrons may also register rewards cards online to track redeemable perks.


  • Jitender Panwar says:

    I have worked with Pita Pit. My job consisted of grill handling, rolling, making pita, taking orders, and kitchen hand. I want to continue my career with Pita Pit as a crew member because it is different from other outlets. I enjoy my job.

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