The Ritz-Carlton Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at The Ritz-Carlton

Located predominantly in major cities throughout the world, Ritz-Carlton hotel jobs stand in great abundance and widely accessible to millions of employment hopefuls. In order to start the hiring process with the prestigious hotel chain, applicants must submit formal resumes and cover letters and complete stringent job interviews. Candidates regularly spend two weeks or more in the interview process, even for entry-level jobs. Applicants using the company website to search for jobs must complete an online assessment prior to attending job interviews. Telephone interviews often proceed the initial assessment, followed by in-person interviews that typically consist of one-to-one encounters.

Navigating the Interview Process

The average entry-level applicant only participates in a single job interview following the assessment and phone interview. Some applicants may skip the phone interview portion of the hiring process based on demand for workers. The Ritz-Carlton pays close attention to verbal communication skills, body language, and attire during the interview process. Applicants must exemplify the five-star reputation of the hotel chain by way of actions, dress, and speech. Demonstrative, outgoing, well-spoken, articulate, and organized individuals head the sometimes large classes of prospective workers.

Common Interview Questions

Ritz-Carlton interviews used carefully designed questions to bring out professional qualities in aspiring employees, including:

  • "Can you describe a difficult situation you've encountered in a retail or customer service setting and how you were able to overcome it?"
  • "What personal qualities can you contribute to existing Ritz-Carlton teams that no one else can provide?"
  • "Have you ever been assigned a task you were unable to complete and why?"
  • How to Ace Your Interview

    Hiring managers look for applicant responses that showcase assertive and confident but personable and friendly demeanors. Candidates must be able to work in a team setting to accomplish goals. Due to customer-oriented natures, Ritz-Carlton jobs often mean abandoning one task to concentrate on a more immediate matter. Quick-thinking and adaptable analysis often serves prospective associates outstandingly during job interviews. Successful interviews end in a formal offer of employment, although some workers may not receive job offers immediately and must wait to hear back via telephone or email after all candidates have been considered.


  • David says:

    I was rejected for a position that I was pretty sure I was a slam dunk for at least an interview. I was denied 2 hrs after I took the online assessment. I though the questions were pretty subjective. Any thought on what is the best way to approch the online assesment? And how much weight does it carry in the hiring process.


    I am trying to submit my resume to the Ritz Carlton. If I got a job once again with the Marriott family that would be my lifetime happiness.

  • ridwan says:

    I passed pre screening when I got an interview at Ritz Carlton on October 6 2012.

  • Michelle says:

    I applied to one of the Ritz Carlton locations and was turned down by email almost the next day. I applied again a few weeks later to another Ritz and this time in addition to my resume I also submitted a cover letter. That time they called me in for an interview. I have a phone interview later today.

  • Carolyn Griffin says:

    I would like to be considered for the cook position with your company. I have worked in the field of Culinary Arts/Cooking for 25 years. I am certain you will find that my credentials complement the guidelines and responsibilities outlined in your company.

  • Arlene Abrahams says:

    I am applying for a position within the housekeeping department. My years of experience and my personality are my best tools for the job. Please advise me how to apply online or otherwise as soon as possible. Thanks for you attention.


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