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The Yard House pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the Yard House Application

Sports bar chain Yard House operates over 65 locations throughout the United States. The casual-dining restaurant readily seeks passionate individuals to fill a variety of front- and back-of-house job titles. Interested aspirants may apply online or turn in paper application forms to nearby branches. In-person arrivals showcase dedicated and eager attitudes. Poised job seekers should approach hiring managers during slower hours, such as times outside of lunch and dinner, to inquire about opportunities and personally describe previous experience and skillsets. Immediate interviews remain common for restaurant positions.

Aspirants should first locate available positions by calling or stopping into outlets. Once an opportunity appears, contenders may carefully fill out paper application forms by including details relevant to any jobs of interest. Hopefuls may also choose to submit generic forms in the likelihood positions become available at later dates. Individuals able to speak directly with hiring leaders regularly make great first impressions. Candidates who put faces to already completed applications generally stand out more.

How to Fill out the Yard House PDF Application

The Yard House logo appears at the top of the short, two-page application. Candidates should gather the necessary details ahead of time, such as phone numbers of previous employers, addresses of past schools, and essential contact details. Strictly writing in blue or black ink, applicants should avoid making errors and keep whiteout on hand for such mistakes. Polished submissions should contain legible, easy to understand text.

“General Data”
A boxed in section entitled General Data begins the submission. Aspirants enter last name, first name, and middle initial along the first line. Underneath, individuals indicate any other names known by for the purpose of reference checks. The form then requires candidates to enter present addresses by including street, city, state, and zip code. Other details to include range from home and mobile phone numbers to the position of interest, date of application, and full-time or part-time job preferences. A brief portion touches on the availability of the potential employee by instructing applicants to circle shifts accessible Monday through Sunday.

“Personal Data”
In between the General and Personal Data categories job hopefuls check Yes or No to the possibility of functioning as a supervisor for a relative already working for Yard House. Next, job hunters fill in the spaces for an emergency contact. Individuals provide the name, telephone number, relationship, and address for the person. Within the same section, contenders check the source of hearing about the position, such as advertisement, walk-in, friend, relative, or other. The last question of the category asks if prospective associates under the age of 18 remain willing to acquire work permits.

The succeeding section presents an easy to fill out education chart. Three columns appear for information on high school, college, and trade/professional/other academic experience followed by five rows for the names, addresses, number of years attended, courses or majors, and degrees or diplomas earned for each institution. Candidates match the columns and rows to successfully complete the chart and describe former education. The trade, professional, and other section may contain certifications, classes, and additional work-learned skills.

“Employment History”
A much larger portion of the printable PDF remains open for past work experience. Large blanks provide enough space for three former employers, with the most recent one requested first. The form inquires about the name, address, and telephone number, length of service, duties performed, supervisor, job title, and pay rates for each employer. Aspirants should also indicate whether the past employer remains available for contact.

The final stage of the application process presents a small disclosure for applicants to read before signing and submitting the form. Aspirants must agree the information remains correct and complete, as omission of information serves as grounds for dismissal. The lines also state the restaurant at-will employer policies. Underneath the statement, job seekers provide signatures and dates to confirm acknowledgement.