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With over 40 locations in various markets throughout the U.S., Yard House provides restaurant job seekers widespread opportunities for entry-level and professional careers. The popular craft-brew emporium accepts applications for hosting, serving, management, and back-of-house operations.

Facts About Working at Yard House

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at The Yard House?)

Available Positions: Bartender, Waiter, Waitress, Hostess, Cook, Prep Cook, Dishwasher, Kitchen Manager, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager

Printable Application: Yes. Print Yard House application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

The Yard House Job Opportunities

The Yard House primarily manages locations in big cities, with millions of people living within close proximity to each restaurant. Like most bars, the growing chain boasts diverse beer selections requiring applicants to memorize multiple menus. Depending on the position desired, workers may need to interact with the general public on a regular basis. Sound interpersonal skills and the ability to adapt to fast-paced and often hectic work environments remain vital for employment consideration. Hiring personnel historically favor fun-loving, enthusiastic, and team-oriented individuals when reviewing applications. Additional hiring requirements may include previous experience working in restaurant or retail settings.

Upon hire, new associates generally undergo field-specific training. Cooks learn kitchen equipment, while hosting employees receive instruction on seating systems, floor plans, and expectations when conversing with guests. Servers often shadow existing employees to better understand the pacing of each workday and practice cashing out payments on the computerized registers. Entry-level managers often work alongside current managerial staff in order to glean important aspects of daily operations, such as logging inventory, motivating subordinate associates, creating schedules, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Base pay scales usually reflect previous experience or attitudes toward work in general. Part-time employees usually receive hourly pay rates, with many positions providing opportunities for tips. Full-time workers receive annual salary options increasing based on merit, performance, and promotions.

The Yard House Positions and Salary Options

The minimum age to serve drinks in most states begins at 18 and rises to 21 in some areas. Servers and bartenders must adhere to legal age minimums in order to fill out application forms. Some back-of-house positions, like dishwasher and busser, may take on workers as young as 16. Individuals able to meet base requirements for jobs available often find meaningful employment in the following capacities:

Front Desk

Also known as hosting jobs, front desk positions represent entry-level opportunities offering part-time, flexible scheduling, hourly pay starting at $9.00, and highly interactive responsibilities.

  • Primary duties include greeting guests, creating seating charts, and answering questions regarding menus and drink specials.
  • Front desk employees must maintain cleanly outward appearances and remain cordial at all times.
  • During busy dinner rushes, front desk workers may take food and drink orders, which requires adept memorization skills.
  • The ability to use computers and answer telephones comfortably play minor but significant roles in hiring decisions.


  • Another entry-level job title, the position of server involves recording drink and food orders, explaining menus, and catering to patron needs.
  • Servers consistently recommend meals and beverages and need full understandings of menu offerings.
  • The position often features part-time job status, with opportunities for additional shifts if coworkers call off.
  • Servers stand, bend, lift, and walk around for the duration of any given shift.
  • Employment hopefuls must stand in good health when submitting applications.
  • Personable and upbeat attitudes also benefit prospective associates.
  • The average server earns the federal minimum wage for tipped employees, which hovers between $3.00 and $4.00 per hour.
  • Gratuities generally supplement the remainder of server salary options.


  • Bussing jobs provide outstanding opportunities for inexperienced workers to find meaningful part-time employment.
  • The Yard House imposes no formal hiring requirements for bussing positions other than meeting the minimum age of 16.
  • Job duties center on cleaning, drying, and clearing dishes for reuse.
  • Bussers also clean kitchen work stations and take garbage out to the proper receptacles.
  • The use of high-powered dishwashing equipment and ongoing deadlines require applicants to work quickly, efficiently, and adhere to safety protocol at all times.
  • Starting pay begins at minimum wage and increases with experience or promotion.

Tips For Applying

The Yard House online application takes about 45 minutes to complete. Job seekers should allot at least an hour to prepare hiring materials and fill out the online form in order to ensure success. To begin the process, workers must create personal accounts using valid emails and personally generated passwords. While the nationwide chain consistently hires on new and motivated applicants with and without experience, individuals with previous and related employment histories may gain favor from hiring personnel. Highlight any relevant experience on the electronic application to increase odds of receiving a job offer.

Application Status

Candidates may easily check on application statuses using the online careers portal. Workers simply log into the individual profiles created to begin the process and access personalized job dashboards. The dashboards provide a link labeled Job Submission Status next to each application submitted. Aspiring staff members may also call or visit Yard House locations to inquire about outstanding applications. The best times to call or visit restaurants regarding employment include late morning or early afternoon hours, as management and staff become extremely busy in the evenings.

Benefits of Working at The Yard House

Hourly associates enjoy lively, energetic, and collaborative work environments offering paid training, flexible scheduling, and career advancement opportunities.

  • Excellent meal and drink discounts also generally sit in place for hourly workers.
  • Managers enjoy the same opportunities for career growth, discounts, and scheduling options in addition to medical, dental, and vision coverage, 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, and bonus programs.

Background Information on The Yard House

Unique to The Yard House locations include 100s of beer taps lining massive centralized bars, which highlight each restaurant. Patrons may indulge in dozens of various craft, domestic, and international beer options. The signature 50-ounce beer glass standing over three-feet tall remains a popular staple at the chain and a fan favorite among customers. Patrons may fill the tall glasses with any beer on tap.


  • Derrick white says:

    The best job I have ever worked for hands down..the workers are very team oriented and everyone kept a smile at all times. All in all the best place I have worked for.

    If the people don’t get you hooked, the food will.

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