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Things Remembered operates as a specialty gift retailer found throughout the contiguous United States. Interested applicants access job opportunities at any of the more than 600 company storefronts. Positions available focus on attention to detail and providing customers with highly personalized services.

Facts About Working at Things Remembered

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Things Remembered?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Things Remembered Job Opportunities

Entry-level jobs for hire at Things Remembered locations traditionally include sales and customer service responsibilities. Employees interact with patrons closely to create memorable trinkets, keepsakes, and collectables. Individuals must remain attentive and enjoy working both independently and as part of teams. The creative job settings prove ideal for artistic and detail-oriented applicants. Most entry-level opportunities require no previous work experience for employment consideration.

Careers in management and other supervisory roles also stand readily available with the nationwide retail chain. Upon hire, workers receive paid training, which includes ongoing support to help motivated individuals assume leadership roles within the company. Dedication to the Things Remembered brand name, excellent customer service abilities, and strong organizational skills often assist prospective managers receive recognition and promotion or hire into desired roles. While the minimum hiring age for entry-level positions sits at 16, careers in management require applicants stand at least 18 years old.

Things Remembered Salary and Employment Information

Applicants able to meet the basic hiring requirements set forth by the company and receive offers of employment gain access to support and rewarding work environments. The retail chain provides flexible scheduling, competitive pay scales, and opportunities for growth into long-term careers. Jobs for hire often include:

Sales Associate

  • A general position involving a wide assortment of responsibilities, sales associate jobs generally feature part-time schedules and minimum wage starting pay.
  • Primary functions include greeting customers, recommending products, finalizing sales, and answering questions about store policies.
  • Sales associate employees also stock merchandise and place product orders for patrons.
  • Applicants must understand the importance of delivering quality product.
  • Strong memorization and organization skills rank as highly desirable qualities job seekers must exude in order to impress hiring personnel.
  • The job regularly involves notating product orders, and applicants unable to correctly dictate orders typically receive dismissal from consideration.

Customer Service Representative

  • In addition to entry-level retail positions, Things Remembered offers part-time opportunities in the company call center located in North Jackson, OH, featuring no real employment requirements for hiring consideration.
  • Workers spend a majority of each workday on the phone with customers recording orders and initiating shipments with distribution chain centers.
  • Applicants must enjoy sitting for long, extended periods and talking with the general public.
  • Work atmospheres often include pressure to perform, as well.
  • The nationwide chain enforces strict policies regarding interactions with customers.
  • Customer service representatives should remain professional, attentive, and friendly at all times.
  • Average hourly pay hovers slightly above minimum wage.


  • Both call centers and physical retail locations operating under the company banner require teams of managers to supervise entry-level workers and maintain operations.
  • Key duties may include delegating assignments, motivating employees, processing payroll, performing opening and closing procedures, logging inventories, and hiring new staff.
  • Managerial candidates traditionally work full-time, although some part-time opportunities exist under the job title of assistant manager.
  • Applicants may also find work as store managers, who assume more responsibility and overall control of operations at retail and call center locations.
  • Assistant managers earn just over $20,000 a year, on average, while store managers hold the possibility of earning as much as $50,000 annual salary.

Tips For Applying

Applicants should become familiar with company expectations of decorum while on the job. Team members must possess creative, personable, and attentive attitudes and maintain professional demeanors at all times. The ability to showcase desirable qualities during the hiring process remains of utmost importance to gain employment. Potential associates should highlight interpersonal skills during hiring sessions and express personal enjoyment of working with the general public to improve odds of landing a job.

Application Status

After accessing the company website to apply for jobs applicants typically wait between a few days and a week to hear back from hiring personnel. The online careers page allows job seekers to create profiles in order to save progress or check on application status. Workers who do not receive formal offers of employment at any time before the final interview concludes should place follow-up calls with management of desired locations to inquire about additional steps necessary for hire. Follow-up calls should take place during slow business hours to avoid distracting managers from daily duties. Emails also prove effective ways to follow up with the retail chain.

Benefits of Working at Things Remembered

In addition to entry-level work benefits like industry-competitive pay and room for growth within the company, full-time crew members gain access to comprehensive employment benefits packages. Financial planning assistance stands readily available in company-sponsored 401(k) retirement plans and relocation packages. Qualified workers also receive:

  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Life insurance options, and
  • Discounts up to 40% on merchandise.

Additional Information on Things Remembered

The nationwide retail company works in close partnership with Make-A-Wish Foundation. Things Remembered offers a special line of collectibles, which provide $2.00 donations on every purchase toward the foundation. As of June 2014, the retail chain boasts more than $6 million raised toward the charitable organization. The partnership runs as an annual event.

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