Thunder Valley Casino Resort Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

In June of 2003, the United Auburn Indian Community opened the Thunder Valley Casino Resort in Lincoln, CA. The success of the gaming venture steadily creates jobs. Work hopefuls may find widespread full-time and part-time positions available within casino operations.

Facts About Working at Thunder Valley Casino Resort

Hiring Age: 21 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Thunder Valley Casino Resort?)

Available Positions: Dealer, Cook, Utility Porter, Trainee, Support Specialist, Nail Technician, Massage Therapist, Spa Attendant, Limo Driver, Guest Room Attendant, Emergency Medical Technician, Driver, Casino Host, Call Center Attendant, Butcher, Beverage Server, Bartender, Banquet Server, Banquet Kitchen Runner, Executive Administrative Assistant, Gift Shop Associate, Guest Services Representative, Housekeeper, Human Resources Coordinator, Maintenance Technician, Planning Analyst, Room Service Associate, Security Officer, Surveillance Technician, Training Manager, Valet Attendant, Warehouse Associate

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Thunder Valley Casino Resort Job Opportunities

Available employment options at the resort historically involve customer service in team-oriented settings. Employees must remain positive and create enjoyable experiences for guests to thrive in available roles. Mutual aid between departments helps the casino better satisfy visitor requests, which requires personable attitudes and dedicated work ethics. However, Thunder Valley Casino Resort routinely looks for individuals able to work well independently as well as part of teams, as many job titles include solitary or stationary work.

Each department across casino and hotel operations requires managerial staffs to oversee protocol and subordinate workers. Associates who work hard to please guests receive praise and advancement consideration, as many Thunder Valley Casino Resort employees start as unskilled entry-level workers and rise to accredited positions. Employees showing dedication often receive access to generous work benefits, as well. On-the-job training develops skills recognized by outside businesses and boosts career potential.

Thunder Valley Casino Resort Positions and Pay Scales

Most jobs involve interacting with customers on the casino floor or in the hotel. Other positions possibly for hire include valets or cooks as well as in housekeeping or janitorial departments. Work prospects 21 and older with high school diplomas may fill out application forms for the below work opportunities:

Security and Surveillance

  • Security officers continuously patrol casino and hotel properties on foot, by bicycle, or in vehicles.
  • Safety officials monitor all facility entrances and exits and casino grounds.
  • Alert operators observe closed-circuit cameras, which record activity both inside and outside buildings.
  • Physical fitness, the ability to diffuse situations, and basic medical knowledge all satisfy general hiring requirements.
  • Security workers earn salary options from $20,000 to $25,000 a year.

Cage Cashier

  • Cage cashiers handle chip purchasing, chip cashing, check cashing, and credit issuance.
  • Receiving payments and doling chips requires basic math skills.
  • Cashiers also accurately post and balance funds to Thunder Valley accounts.
  • Rotation between the front line, main bank, and coin room further requires attention to detail and other specific location-based duties.
  • Cage cahiers make $11.00 through $17.00 per hour based on tenure.

Hotel Supervisor

  • Thunder Valley Casino Resort hotel supervisors manage the daily operations of front desk, concierge, guest services department, and housekeeping crews.
  • Potential hires need excellent organizational abilities, as including staff in planning and decision-making helps implement teamwork and improvement.
  • Hotel supervisors also listen to staff inquiries and provide regular performance feedback.
  • The development of subordinate employee skills through effective coaching encourages career growth and remains essential to daily operations.
  • Supervisors must also communicate effectively with guests, team members, and management in both written and verbal forms.
  • Salary options yield around $60,000 to $65,000 annually.

Tips For Applying

Thunder Valley Casino Resort operates on a 24-hour basis year round, which requires irregular shifts and hours. Applicants should make open availability known to hiring managers on necessary documents to increase chances of consideration. Furthermore, answering interview questions with service-based mindsets further illustrates qualities the casino seeks.

Application Status

Applicants who apply online normally hear back from hiring managers within a week. In situations of non-contact, candidates may reach out to personnel by placing calls, writing emails, or visiting the casino personally. Applying to the casino in person also proves effective, as managers occasionally interview on-the-spot and appreciate sociable attributes.

Benefits of Working for Thunder Valley Casino Resort

Among the employment benefits of establishing lasting friendships between coworkers and guests, Thunder Valley Casino resort also offers tangible job benefit packages. Team members enjoy free meals, free shuttle services, and health/wellness counseling. Students may take part in tuition reimbursement programs and leadership development training.

Other employment benefits available to both full-time and part-time workers include:

  • Paid time off
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Healthcare coverage, and free basic life insurance.

More Information on Thunder Valley Casino Resort

Using the revenue generated from Thunder Valley, the United Auburn Indian Community gives about $1 million annually to nonprofit groups in Placer County. Some beneficiaries include the Lighthouse Counseling & Family Resource Center, the Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital Foundation, and the Foothill Volunteer Center. In January 2005, the United Auburn Indian Community donated $250,000 to assist Habitat for Humanity relief efforts in southern Asia following the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. The United Auburn Indian Community also provided $50,000 to Partners in Health to aid Haiti following the 2010 earthquake aftermath.

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