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A highly specialized and sports-oriented retailer, Tilly's boasts a presence of over 200 stores throughout the United States. The company was founded in 1982 and experiences steady growth, which offers the promise of entry-level job opportunities and vacancies in management.

Facts About Working at Tilly's

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Tilly's?)

Available Positions: Assistant manager, buyer, lead salesman, sales associate, store manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Tilly’s Job Opportunities

Carrying name brands like Volcom and Vans, Tilly’s fosters skate-centric, alternative atmospheres and style palates. The fashion retailer markets to men, women, and kids and effectively stocks garments appropriate for individuals aged 12 to late twenties. Along with a comprehensive line of clothing and shoes for all genders and ages, the company sells a variety of accessories, such as backpacks, headphones, speakers, goggles, cameras, and skateboards. Due to the wide assortment of stock, the retailer tends to favor interested job candidates able to demonstrate knowledge about both fashion and recreational activities.

The company manages stores in more than 30 states nationwide. As Tilly’s pursues expansion throughout the United States, the retailer seeks passionate and energetic individuals to head new stores. High school students make ideal candidates for the job, since entry-level positions with the company require interested applicants to stand at least 16 years of age. The entry-level jobs typically demands no previous experience, as well. Management positions fill with individuals at least 18 years of age and usually necessitate some form of prior history in the industry.

Tilly’s Positions and Salary Information

As a fashion retailer and growing company, Tilly’s possesses a high demand for entry-level workers to meet the labor deficiency caused by turnover and expansion. While applicants looking to further careers in retail by climbing through the ranks of the company remain great hires, the retailer also needs individuals to help staff stores for peak sales seasons. Some of the most accessible positions available include:

Sales Associate

  • An entry-level position perfect for individuals with little-to-no training, sales associates remain responsible for impressing the values of the company upon customers through excellent customer service and general store upkeep.
  • Sales associate positions begin at minimum wage
  • Physical health also remains an important component to the job as long hours of standing with little rest, bending, squatting, and lifting persist as regular requirements of sales associates.


  • This position demands patience and cheeriness when dealing with a diverse multitude of customers, an ability to assist clientele in obtaining merchandise for specific functions, demonstrating knowledge of fashion and sporting products, maintaining the cleanliness and overall appearances of stores, and operating cash registers.
  • Experienced workers may receive raises based on performance and/or longevity with the company, however, minimum wage is the starting hourly wage.
  • Candidates who enjoy working with people and keep up with fashion trends are ideal candidates.


  • Store manager along with assistant management positions are available to those who possess with qualities such as responsibility and great time management.
  • Depending on the level of management salaries range from $30k-$60k.
  • Tilly’s management has various roles in the store that include completing payroll, scheduling employees, along with keeping the store in the best conditions.

Tips For Applying

While the job application remains hosted online, interested candidates may not submit completed applications through the Tilly’s website. Prospective hires stand expected to print the application out, fill in the information, and return the completed form to the store. Always review information for accuracy and clarity and highlight any experience or personal attributes which remain relevant to the position. When turning in applications, individuals may benefit from dressing well and showcasing personal style. Hiring managers may stand available to ask a few question upon the submission of an application. Applicants may exhibit preparedness by anticipating questions and doing research about the company prior to visiting the store.

Application Status

Due to the high demand of labor, Tilly’s generally calls desired applicants with job offers within two weeks of application submission or interview. Calling the store to speak to a hiring manager remains a polite way to expedite the process. Demonstrating genuine desire for the job and initiative usually benefits interested individuals; however, remaining respectful and professional serves equally important.

Benefits of Working at Tilly’s

Tilly’s offers full-time and part-time employees basic yet generous work benefit packages. The company offers:

  • Medical coverage
  • Which includes dental
  • Vision and long-term disability
  • Additionally, employees remain eligible for 401(k) retirement plans
  • Paid vacation, sick leave, and holidays as well as employee discounts also stand available

More Information on Tilly’s

The company remains very invested in youth quality of life. Tilly’s Life Center, also known as TLC, stands as a non-profit organization which runs several programs to serve the needs of underprivileged adolescents. The fashion retailer also runs a sponsorship program, called Tilly’s We Care, wherein employees support and participate in various academic, art, and sport-related programs in both primary schools and secondary education institutions. In the past, the company supported newspapers, walk-a-thons, raffles, and PTA events.

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