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How to Get a Job at Timberland

Waterproof boot retailer Timberland understands the importance of quality workers. As a way to ensure employee quality, the shoe store chain uses a structured interview process to screen potential hires. For most store jobs, the Timberland interview process consists of one sit-down interview with a hiring manager. Interviews often begin with managers giving descriptions of jobs and necessary duties. Next, Timberland hiring managers ask behavioral questions regarding work experience and sales skills.

Common Timberland Interview Questions

Some behavioral questions applicants frequently encounter are: "Give me a situation at a previous job where you had to handle a difficult situation without the assistance of a manager," and "Tell me about a time when you convinced a customer that an item was right for them." After completing an interview with Timberland, an applicant generally receives hiring notification in about a week.

Interview Tips

Timberland places a large emphasis on sales abilities, and job hopefuls want to represent themselves as skilled salespeople during interviews. Whenever possible, candidates want to talk about past retail sales experiences. Timberland interviewers prefer to hear specific examples of times applicants overcame obstacles to accomplish sales. Applicants also want to showcase exemplary communication skills. The best way to exhibit communication abilities is to deliver well-thought-out answers in a clear speaking voice. Sitting with good posture and making eye contact with interviewers also helps an applicant. Timberland prefers to hire workers that have passion for the company. During the interview, job seekers should express love for Timberland merchandise and knowledge of the footwear company.

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