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Achieving lead status among telecommunication companies, Time Warner Cable represents an ideal enterprise to work for. Determined individuals thrive in continuously growing environments. Entry-level positions supply candidates with the opportunity to work full-time or part-time.

Facts About Working at Time Warner

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Time Warner?)

Available Positions: Customer Service Representative, Direct Sales Representative, Installer, Field Technician, Outbound Sales Representative, Billing Supervisor, Network Engineer, Account Executive, Senior Manager - Retail Sales, Installation Technician, Telemarketing Representative, Customer Care Representative, Cable Store Professional, Sales Support Representative, Human Resources Generalist, Collections Representative, Direct Sales Representative, Payment Center Representative, Business Services Account Manager, Help Desk-Analyst, Pricing Director, Senior Product Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Time Warner Job Opportunities

Operating in 29 states, Time Warner offers digital cable, internet, phone service, and home security systems to consumers across the country. Emerging in 1990 from Time Inc., the company continues to grow exponentially. With an astounding 51,600 employees, positions regularly become available in various branches throughout the country. The work force represents a unity of motivated individuals. Many workers share commonalities and genuinely enjoy interacting with each other.

Enthusiastic employees enjoy the freedom to attain career goals. Work environments feed passions and influence workers to move toward advanced openings. Featured on the website, stories about the lives of staff members portray achievements and how to accomplish personal objectives within the company. The telecommunication outfit also consistently ranks as a prominent employer of minorities and women. Time Warner offers 11 types of employee networks formed on diversity, interests, and experiences. Some of the networks include Hispanic Women’s Network, Aspiring Leaders Organizations, and TWC-Able. Women may also partake in a program called Step Forward to rise into executive positions through seminars and additional paid education.

Time Warner Salary Options and Positions Descriptions

By portraying professionalism, candidates impress hiring superiors with presentable looks and approachable communication tactics. Generally six months to one year of related experience exhibits genuine interest in the customer service industry. Additional years of related knowledge may refute the required educational requirements of high school diplomas or equivalents. Workers should also remain available during weekends, evenings, and occasional holidays. Job hopefuls frequently find opportunities in the following positions:

Customer Care Associate

  • Experts on every product and service offered, representatives answer incoming phone calls to tackle customer needs.
  • With six months related experience required, applicants maintain basic understanding of customer service responsibilities.
  • Extraordinary workers flourish under nurturing environments.
  • The customer care center focuses on fostering team mentalities while handling calls ranging from scheduling appointments to bundling products.
  • Applicants enjoy the opportunity to learn about technology and communication devices.
  • Hourly wages begin at $12.00 with potential for uncapped commissions.
  • Salary options evolve based on years with the company and prior familiarity in the industry.

Sales Representative

  • Immersing talented individuals into prosperous customer-oriented jobs, Time Warner connects consumers with top sales agents.
  • Through embodying self-starters, representatives drive independent sales goals.
  • Top performers earn over $80,000 a year with average first year salary packages of $40,000 to $60,000.
  • Workers undergo the challenge of persuading clients to purchase products and services most fitting for each situation.
  • Employees obtain paid training and must also remain available for training sessions and sales meetings.
  • Associates receive monthly gas allowances; however, reliable transportation and clean driving records remain crucial.
  • Minimal qualifications include basic mathematical skills, computer knowledge, proper appearance, and proficient time management abilities.
  • Applicants must complete assessments prior to interviews, as well.

Installation Technician

  • By syncing technology and services, installers assist customers with telecommunication needs.
  • With starting pay rates of $10.00 to $14.00 an hour, individuals lacking hands-on experience may opt to begin future careers through technician positions.
  • Potential employees possess people and time management skills and general knowledge of working with electronics.
  • Installation technicians handle configurations and disconnects and must use designated equipment to complete jobs.
  • The capability to lift and carry up to 75 pounds demands pursuers to demonstrate vital physical attributes.
  • Workers must also complete general safety courses, pole climbing certifications, and installer programs.
  • Without the aptitude to read maps and furnish diagrams, workers face struggles on the jobsite.

Tips For Applying

The Time Warner talent community allows applicants to search for available positions. By setting up job agents, candidates receive notifications through email when appropriate opportunities open. Recruiters first seek for talent on the network before checking anywhere else. Job hopefuls should create profiles and post resumes onto the network. After selecting positions of interest, contenders submit necessary information for application forms. When navigating through the resume manager, recent submissions along with up to five resumes become available for editing. Job seekers may also take another approach to the hiring process and apply in-person. Applicants turning in polished resumes to convenient branches may undergo on-the-spot job interviews.

Application Status

Applicants receive confirmation emails after successful submissions on the career portal. Additional assessments often follow confirmations. Hiring representatives contact potential candidates normally two to three weeks after receiving application forms. Some interviewees may hear back in a few days or even up to a month or two later. Interested individuals should not let too much time pass after applying. Candidates need to seek out hiring managers within a few days. When making stops into branches, communication skills and professionalism obtain attention from hiring staff.

Benefits of Working for Time Warner

Designed to meet a variety of needs, the job benefits offered by Time Warner account for diversity among workers.

  • With multiple health coverage options available, employees choose between two vision, dental, and medical insurance options.
  • An employee assistance program grants workers and family members the opportunity to meet with counselors and obtain referrals for services, as well.
  • Short- and long-term disability programs guarantee income protection in times of crisis.
  • Life insurance also protects employees and dependents.
  • With a generous company match, 401(k) retirement plans solve growing concerns about the future prosperity of staff members.
  • Personal time in the form of paid time off and paid vacation encourages work-life balance.

Additional employment benefits include discounted cable and internet, tuition reimbursement, and savings on computers and electronics.

More Information on Time Warner

Taking a comprehensive approach, Connect a Million Minds challenges parents and mentors to engage children in after-school activities and address growing educational concerns in science, technology, engineering, and math. A division of Time Warner Cable, the initiative pairs with innovative non-profit organizations and creates public service announcements. Campaigns address special topics and portray deeper stories. One campaign, STEM in Sports, connects children with top athletics and coveys tips for incorporating science into favorite sports. With 1 million minds connected and over $100 million donated to the cause, underrepresented youth find more opportunities available than ever before.

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