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A Safeway Inc. subsidiary, Tom Thumb offers supermarket services in Dallas, TX, and surrounding areas. Employment seekers frequently find entry-level job openings with the regional grocer, and some associates even build meaningful supermarket careers through hard work and advancement opportunities. A consistent production of baked goods and offering of meat selections and deli options creates a litany of departmental job titles and duties. Other responsibilities revolve around general store upkeep. Entry-level workers encounter a continuous need for stocking, cleaning, and providing great customer care.

Facts About Working at Tom Thumb Convenience Store

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Tom Thumb?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Grocery Clerk, Sales Associate, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Tom Thumb Employment Options

Entry-level job titles rarely require candidates to possess previous experience in the supermarket industry. The company looks for applicants who show good customer service potential and strong work ethics. Associates enjoy flexible hours, and the supermarket often allows entry-level employees to hover between different departments to find a good fit. Job seekers interested in meaningful supermarket careers should submit an application online through the company careers portal.

Tom Thumb needs career-oriented workers to fill leadership positions at each grocery store. Upper-level roles often call for previous retail management experience, high school or college degrees, and measurable knowledge of grocery store operations, which the chain usually determines with pre-hire assessments. Supermarket managers often work long hours completing strenuous tasks. The company awards leadership associates with generous salary options and comprehensive employee benefits packages. Most locations boast pharmaceutical services with career opportunities for both trained professionals and entry-level pharmacy technicians.

Tom Thumb Positions and Pay Scales

The regional supermarket chain usually requires entry-level applicants to stand at least 16 years of age for hiring consideration. Tom Thumb may impose slightly older age requirements for various departments or upper-level positions due to qualification necessities, responsibilities, or the sale of age-restricted products. Job seekers often complete and submit applications for the following grocery store jobs:


  • Cashier associates typically work on the frontend of Tom Thumb grocery stores assisting customers with final purchases, taking payments, operating cash registers, and issuing receipts. Cash-handling employees must greet must also greet customers in friendly fashions and provide helpful information about current sales, rewards, memberships, and other offerings at supermarket locations.
  • Cashier pay usually hovers between minimum wage and $10.00 per hour.


  • Clerks perform routine duties in specific departments around the store.
  • Most clerks remain stationed at assigned department during shifts.
  • Key roles include assisting patrons with product selections and order preparations.
  • Clerks also stock display cases or shelves and keep aisles clear of hindrances.
  • Clerk pay falls between $8.00 and $11.00 an hour.


  • Tom Thumb tiers management jobs.
  • Department managers must supervise specific store sections and teams of workers and assure great customer service, quality products, and sanitary working conditions.
  • The grocer requires department managers to possess leadership abilities and specialty skills to perform difficult duties, equip and train new hires, and communicate with upper-level management on department needs.
  • Department managers often make $17.00 to $20.00 per hour.
  • Assistant managers and store managers take on all duties pertaining to overall store success.
  • Common upper-level management responsibilities include recruiting and training new hires, making crew member schedules, setting sales goals, marketing, creating positive work environments, and communicating with corporate officials.
  • Assistant managers often earn $50,000 to $55,000 in annual salary.
  • Store managers make in upwards of $65,000 a year.

Tips For Applying

Diversity, spirit, and dedication are hallmarks of Tom Thumb jobs. Workers must embody and uphold all three values while employed. Most convenience store positions require regular interaction with a wide range of patrons and the ability to work flexible hours. Candidates should research each location to see if there are any special considerations that need to be made, such as bilingual requirements or the how busy a store gets to ensure strong fits for employment.

Application Status

From beginning to end, the Tom Thumb hiring process only lasts a couple of days. Entry-level job seekers may go through interviews immediately after handing in applications. In instances where lapses occur, employment hopefuls should call, email, or visit managers personally to ask about current hiring statuses. A quick call or brief email outlining a desire to work for the company and inquiring about the next steps in the process generally goes a long way. Personal visits also make lasting impressions and provide the ability to make visual connections between the person represented on the application and an actual face.

Benefits of Working at Tom Thumb

Full-time and part-time associates enjoy great job benefits packages at Tom Thumb. Popular benefits include:

  • Medical
  • Dental and vision insurance
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Stock purchasing opportunities
  • Paid time off and store and prescription discounts

On top of great employee care, workers also take advantage of flexible scheduling and advancement opportunities. Additionally, team members create profiles on the company website and gain access to human resource solutions and personal employment records and information.

Additional Details on Tom Thumb

Tom Thumb partners with various companies like Starbucks and Seattle’s Best to provide patrons with in-store beverage options. Customers usually find the small coffee franchises near store entrances and purchase drinks to enjoy while shopping. Third-party partnerships provide additional employment opportunities at the Texas grocery retailer. Job seekers frequently find entry-level barista job openings as well as management work at specialty beverage chains.


  • Amy Timmerman says:

    I was an assistant manager. Customer service and cash handling are the main duties. I loved every second of my job, including getting to know the customers!

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