Topgolf Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Topgolf

Workers interested in entry-level jobs begin the Topgolf hiring process by submitting an application form. A couple of weeks later, management contacts successful applicants to set up an interview.

What to Expect at a Topgolf Interview

Topgolf holds party-style recruiting events that take the place of typical job interviews. Hopefuls play games and converse to express their personalities. They also have several chances to briefly talk about themselves. The company hires workers with strong character.

Topgolf Interview Questions

Though the Topgolf interview process is unique, candidates still answer some standard questions. These often include:

After the final Topgolf interview question, applicants get an extra 90 seconds to make an impression. They can spend this time singing, dancing, juggling, or displaying some other talent. A memorable act could increase the odds of getting a job. Potential employees receive notice of hiring status within a month.

Be Distinct in a Topgolf Interview

Those looking to get jobs at Topgolf shouldn't hold back during the interview. Bold, energetic people stand out from the crowd. The hiring event gives the perfect opportunity to show off these traits. Be sure to wear something comfortable, yet professional.

Does Topgolf Drug Test?

As part of the Topgolf interview process, job seekers may need to undergo drug tests. The brand might issue a background check as well.

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