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TOPS pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the Tops Application
Tops is a leading regional supermarket chain that offers many full- and part-time positions. Using the printable PDF applications helps job seekers meet hiring managers. This is an opportunity for candidates to make good first impressions and help their application forms stand out during the hiring process.

How to Fill out the Tops PDF Application
Although the Tops application is three pages long, much of it is in questionnaire format, and individuals select answers that best fit them. Job seekers may need approximately 20 minutes to complete the entire process. Applicants should write clearly with a blue or black ink pen.

Basic Information
Here candidates provide their address and contact information. Next, potential employees must verify that they can legally work in the United States. If applicants have been previously employed with the company or have any friends or relatives that work for the retailer, they must also provide their names.

Positions Desired
Applicants may list up to two positions they would like to be considered for. Here, applicants may list types of employment desired, such as full-time, part-time, or temporary. Next, there is a chart of days of the week for individuals to check boxes with their availability.

In this section job seekers list information about their schooling. Individuals can include up to three additional educational institutions and degrees.

Previous Employment
Job hopefuls are asked to provide contact information for up to three previous employers, starting with their most recent. In addition to locations, candidates must provide positions held, dates employed, ending wages, and reasons for leaving.

Three non-family members must be used for the reference section. Applicants should include contact information and years known for each reference.

Background Information
The next section consists of a questionnaire regarding any legal or criminal issues. This is followed by five more questions about drug screenings, physicals, and miscellaneous fact finding questions.

Special Notices/Statements/Signatures
Finally, job seekers are asked to sign and date their applications, stating that the information is accurate and hiring managers may verify information provided by candidates.

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