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TOPS Friendly Markets operates over 150 company-owned locations across New York, Pennsylvania, and Western Vermont. TOPS employs a network of more than 15,000 workers. The regional supermarket chain devotes to making customers feel like family, and aspiring crew members should possess the company core values of integrity, honesty, and respect for hiring consideration.

Facts About Working at Tops

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Tops?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Stocking Team Member, Greeter, Service Desk Clerk, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: Yes. Print Tops application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

Tops Employment Information

A full-service supermarket chain, TOPS operates meat, floral, deli, frozen foods, and bakery departments. Each area requires skilled staffs of entry-level workers to carry out basic customer service or production duties. An innovator in the grocery store industry, the eastern supermarket operates state-of-the-art child-watch centers, which need attentive, caring workers. The grocery retailer also offers cooking classes for individuals at every culinary skill level. Licensed chefs and knowledgeable cooks may find rewarding careers as cooking school instructors. Candidates vying for entry-level store jobs need to fill out paper applications to submit in-store. Applications ask for personal information, desired position, hours of availability, education and past employer information, and personal references. Most applications remain on file for about three months.

In addition to entry-level workers, TOPS needs leadership professionals to monitor profitability, implement marketing initiatives, and ensure customer satisfaction. Supervisory careers exist in department, assistant, and general store management capacities. The regional grocer usually advertises vacancies on the company website, and management job hopefuls may fill out applications online or print forms to be filled out by hand and mailed to the cooperate offices with resumes and cover letters. Managers usually need to possess high school educations along with several years of supermarket industry experience.

TOPS Job Opportunities and Pay Scales

A wide range of in-store and warehouse positions exist at TOPS. A majority of retail store jobs feature part-time hours and offer competitive hourly pay. Goal-driven team members may advance into full-time positions, which feature generous salary options. Experience, department, and locations of employment typically affect pay rates. Dedicated to employee growth, the supermarket offers frequent advancement opportunities, which often include pay raises or bonus potential. The following list offers a glance at some of the employment opportunities typically available at the regional grocer:


Job Description and Duties
  • Entry-level job seekers at least 16 years old regularly receive hiring consideration for cashier positions at Tops Friendly Markets, commonly referred to as Tops.
  • Cashier jobs generally involve various customer service duties performed in checkout lines at the front end of grocery stores.
  • Employees ring up customer purchases, secure payment, bag groceries, clean work areas, and answer shopper inquiries.
  • Prospective cashiers at some Tops locations may need to meet certain state-mandated age requirements to handle the sale of alcohol and tobacco products.
  • Strong customer service and math skills, enthusiastic personalities, and the ability to work flexible hours as needed also help in securing Tops cashier jobs.
Salary and Compensation
  • Hourly pay rates for Tops cashiers typically range from minimum wage up to $9.00, depending on experience and location.
  • Over time, entry-level cashiers often gain the knowledge and skills to qualify for leadership positions and store management careers featuring competitive annual salary options.
  • Eligible Tops workers also take advantage of generous employment benefits like medical, dental, and vision plans, on-job training, holiday pay and paid time off, flexible work schedules, and 401(k) retirement plans.
  • Tops operates more than 150 stores throughout New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont and frequently hires local residents seeking entry-level grocery retail jobs.

Grocery Clerk

Job Description and Duties
  • New York-based grocery store chain Tops Friendly Markets, commonly shortened to Tops, maintains a network of close to 160 full-service stores.
  • Local individuals seeking entry-level jobs or part-time positions may take an interest in employment with Tops.
  • Store clerk stands as the most popular job title at Tops Friendly Markets.
  • Available to applicants as young as 16, store clerk jobs involve refilling new merchandise on the sales floor.
  • Workers also help customers by find certain products.
  • While not a demanding job, store clerk positions with Tops carry some physical requirements applicants must meet to gain hiring consideration.
  • Prospective employees must have the ability to lift, stand, walk, stoop, and pull for extended periods of time.
Salary and Compensation
  • Each new-hire store clerk earns an hourly wage from Tops Friendly Markets.
  • The level of earnings largely depends on store location, employment status, and work experience.
  • Pay rates generally rest around $8.00 or $9.00 an hour.
  • Eligible store clerks may partake in several employee benefits offered by Tops, which include both health and wellness programs.
  • Each Tops location offers the possibility for medical, dental, and vision insurance plans.
  • Workers who meet certain requirements also enjoy paid vacation, personal time, and enrollment in 401(k) retirement plans.
  • Of course, Tops still offers basic job benefits like flexible scheduling, weekly paychecks, and training programs to prepare entry-level store clerks for store management careers with attractive salary options.


Job Description and Duties
  • In addition to commonly held department, assistant, and store manager job titles, Tops Friendly Markets regularly hire for customer operations manager and non-perishable operations manager positions.
  • Tops managers work together to oversee and maintain profitable store operations.
  • The management team develops and implements plans to exceed corporate budget expectations, monitor inventory levels, ensure storewide customer satisfaction, and assign daily jobs to hourly employees.
  • Additional job responsibilities include various human resource duties, like hiring and training entry-level workers, setting employee work schedules, processing payroll and other expense reports, and resolving issues among store personnel.
  • Minimum hiring requirements for Tops management jobs include successful completion of high school and extensive previous experience in the supermarket industry.
  • Related college degrees often increase chances for employment.
  • Prospective managers need to have general business knowledge, demonstrated planning and organizational skills, and the ability to work flexible schedules featuring evening, weekend, and holiday shifts as needed.
Salary and Compensation
  • Hourly pay rates for department and customer operations managers at Tops typically rest around $10.00 or $11.00.
  • Assistant managers generally make about $30,000 in annual salary, while store managers often enjoy salary options in excess of $40,000 per year.
  • Tops management careers also come with extensive job benefits packages promoting the good health and financial wellbeing of employees.
  • Eligible managers gain access to medical, dental, and vision plans, professional development programs, holiday pay and paid time off, and 401(k) retirement plans.
  • With more than 150 locations throughout New York and in surrounding states, Tops offers plenty of possibilities for regional job seekers to find rewarding careers in grocery store management.

Carry Out Cafe Clerk

  • Carry out clerks work in the deli department.
  • Main duties include taking and submitting orders, packaging food, weighing and pricing orders, and completing purchases on the cash register.
  • Carry out cafe clerks must maintain sanitary work environments and adhere to all guidelines set forth by TOPS.
  • A carry out cafe clerk usually earns about $8.50 per hour.

Cart Associate

  • A cart attendant retrieves carts from store parking lots and organizes the retrieved carts in corresponding bays at the front of each store.
  • Dirty carts or carts with trash inside must receive cleaning before use by customers.
  • Picking up trash in the parking lot and cleaning the entrance way also prove essential cart attendant duties.
  • In addition to cart retrieval and basic sanitation, cart attendants may need to bag groceries and help customers carry groceries to vehicles.
  • A cart associate usually starts out earning minimum wage.

Tips For Applying

The TOPS Friendly Markets application process separates general retail positions and departmental managerial opportunities. Job hopefuls must choose between one or the other on the company website if applying online. Individual paper application forms are usually available for workers onsite. Some stores may ask candidates to apply online only. The online application manager allows job seekers to submit hiring forms for multiple positions at a time. Specific details for each job posting provide in-depth information and clues on how to best navigate the employment process.

Application Status

Successful grocery store candidates regularly call or visit locations to check on applications after submitting the forms to managers. Direct contact with hiring personnel reinforces desires to work for the chain and demonstrates the ability to go above and beyond what is necessary. Applicants should place phone calls or time visits a day or two after handing over the required employment forms. Prospective associates should also use the opportunity to ask more about positions available and any other questions workers might have regarding company culture, job duties, or projected pay.

Benefits of Working at TOPS

TOPS believes in rewarding hardworking employees by offering extensive employee benefits packages. Managers and full-time workers earn generous work benefits packages, which include health, savings, and personal development perks. For financial security, the supermarket offers 401(k) retirement plans with company-match. The grocery store also serves employee health and wellbeing through comprehensive medical, dental, and vision plans. To support an enriching work/life balance, the company provides crew members with paid vacation, personal time, and holiday pay. Part-time workers enjoy flexible work schedules and ample training programs.

Additional Information on TOPS

Devoted to giving customers great deals, TOPS always looks for new ways to help guests save. The grocery retailer offers weekly ads featuring the best price-saving deals the store offers. Ads frequently run in weekly circulars or viewed online. Users may also sign up for e-bonus alerts to learn about upcoming deals. For additional savings, customers may go to the Coupon Central on the company website find distributor and checkout coupons. The supermarket also offers savings clubs for customers to earn rewards points, which may go toward free merchandise or gas discounts.


  • Tsietsi Ezekiel Monchusi says:

    No, you can’t work at Tops if you are under 18years old, even if you have work permits or if you are turning 18 in 3-months time.

  • Nicole Jay Whitney says:

    I worked at the Pulaski Tops. I did price maintenance there. My job title was scan coordinator. I was also a cashier when I started. I had to learn and teach a whole new system that we began to use. This was at least 5 years ago. I loved my job there.

  • Noreen Hanford says:

    I worked at Tops approximately 8 years ago as a part-time front end cashier. I really enjoyed working there and the people were friendly and helpful. The hours that were available for me allowed for me to continue with my full time job of in-home daycare provider.

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