Tops Job Interview Questions & Tips

Premiere supermarket chain Tops looks for the most qualified associates to carry out the company mission of excellent service. With careers available across departments like meat, seafood, produce, deli, in-store bakery, dairy, pharmacy, and customer care, Tops needs to hire individuals capable of executing a wide range of job skills. Interview processes vary by department and specific job title, in most cases, although common interview practices are used to screen potential candidates across most available positions. The most common interview format has Tops applicants participate in brief, face-to-face interviews with hiring personnel.

Applicants usually need to participate in a single interview for entry-level store jobs with Tops. Interviews are relatively relaxed and feature basic lines of questioning that cover job interest, availability, and work history. Applicants may also need to respond to behavioral questions like, "How do you respond to an irate customer?" Most entry-level Tops jobs are customer-service based, and applicants should exhibit passion for providing excellent customer care. Additionally, job hunters want to demonstrate strong communications skills by providing well-thought-out answers in clear speaking voices. Approachable natures and proper postures also benefit Tops applicants.

Candidates in the running for managerial positions usually need to participate in multiple rounds of interviews. Questions commonly featured in managerial Tops interviews include: "What qualities do you bring to Tops?", "Why did you choose a career in management?", and "Where do you hope this job takes you?" Tops looks for driven managers focused on customer care. With most answers, aspiring managers want to demonstrate experience by referring past successes leading teams of entry-level workers and ensuring customer satisfaction. Showing passion and determination to work for Tops and intention to grow with the grocery store company often benefits a candidate.

Cleanliness is paramount at Tops, and job seekers want to go into interviews with clean and tidy appearances. Nails should be trimmed, and hair should be neatly down. Entry-level applicants may wear business casual clothing, but managerial applicants should dress formally to Tops job interviews. Applicants should show up to interviews 15 minutes early. Before leaving any interview, a candidate should express gratitude for the opportunity. If a job isn't offered on the spot, job hopefuls may call or email hiring personnel a few days after the interview to reiterate interest in the job and inquire about hiring decisions. Showing persistence and continued interest often convinces Tops hiring managers to choose a particular applicant.

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