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Plus-sized clothing retailer Torrid maintains a sizable U.S. presence and offers viable employment opportunities across a network of more than 170 stores. Entry-level retail jobs remain consistently available through the chain in addition to professional careers in store management.

Facts About Working at Torrid

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Torrid?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative, Stock Room Associate, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Buyer, Merchandise Planner, Product Safety Administrator, Internet Marketing Associate, Business Analyst, Help Desk Associate, Project Manager, Technical Designer, Merchandise Clerical Worker

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Torrid Job Opportunities

Torrid caters apparel toward specific demographics of women requiring larger clothing sizes. Applicants looking for work with the clothier should understand the knowledge necessary to effectively sell available product lines. Workers should possess some general knowledge of the fashion industry, specifically regarding plus-size styles, as well as understanding of specialized fitting needs and overall sensitivity toward customers. Like most retailers, the chain experiences a majority of patronage via foot traffic in shopping malls or commercial outlet centers. Diverse customer bases also call upon the interpersonal abilities of potential associates to exercise courtesy and respect at all times.

The customer-centric operations of the retail chain require applicants to possess engaging, energetic, and attentive personalities. Employees spend most of each shift talking with patrons and recommending merchandise. General maintenance of sales floors also remains fairly typical of retail job duties. Responsibilities involving inventory and shelve stocking may require some minor physical labor, including bending, stooping, lifting, and standing for long periods of time. Applicants must meet the minimum age of 18 to work for the chain. No real retail experience or job histories prove necessary for employment in entry-level roles.

Torrid Positions and Pay Scales

Torrid stores boast casual work environments and competitive base pay. Workers receive generous discounts on merchandise and stand eligible for employee benefits packages. The retailer also provides flexible scheduling options and avenues for career growth into professional managerial or corporate positions. Hiring takes places on a regular basis for the following retail jobs:

Retail Sales Associate

  • An entry-level job title, retail sales associate represents the most easily accessible employment opportunity available at Torrid stores.
  • Applicants only need to meet the minimum age requirement for consideration.
  • However, previous experience in sales or the fashion retail industry greatly increases odds of employment, in most cases.
  • Typical retail sales associate job duties include tidying merchandise displays, stocking out product, assisting in sales, granting access to fitting rooms, and processing transactions at cashier counters.
  • Retail sales associates also take responsibility for guarding against theft.
  • The retailer prefers to hire individuals with personal interests in music as well as fashion.
  • Cheerful, dedicated, and motivated individuals best fit the model for ideal candidates.
  • Sales personnel receive standard starting pay for entry-level jobs in the retail industry, which hovers around minimum wage.


  • In addition to sales and inventory duties, Torrid managers must also take on administrative responsibilities.
  • Common administrative tasks include reviewing applications, interviewing potential associates, and hiring new employees.
  • The position also oversees opening and closing procedures, including balancing cash drawers and reconciling inventory data versus merchandise in stock.
  • Managers also set schedules and order products to replenish shelves and basic office supplies.
  • Specific positions available with the retail chain include assistant store manager and store manager job titles.
  • Assistant managers often assume part-time or full-time schedules, while store managers strictly fall into full-time roles.
  • One to two years of experience proves necessary for employment as a manager, in most cases.
  • Managers must also possess acute knowledge of the fashion retail industry and stay current on modern fashion trends.
  • Part-time assistant managers may start out receiving slightly lower hourly pay scales than full-time assistant managers.
  • Workers in the roles make between $8.00 and $11.00 per hour.
  • Store managers receive annual salary options averaging between $30,000 and $35,000.

Tips For Applying

Workers who demonstrate excellent customer service skills during the hiring process usually receive additional employment consideration from Torrid managers. The retail chain uses job interviews to screen for individuals who exhibit sound communication skills and personal, vested interests in the fashion retail industry. Managers routinely ask applicants to mock sell items during the interview process. Most potential employees come up against two or three different scenarios in which the applicant must provide recommendations on merchandise sold in store. Review company policies regarding sales and model clothing and behavior after current associates. Researching product lines and personally enjoying fashions sold by the retail chain may improve odds of success during mock sales exercises.

Application Status

The Torrid online careers page allows workers to create usernames and passwords to finish applications at a later date. Applicants may fill out and submit hiring forms for available jobs after creating online profiles and completing requisite employment questionnaires. Prospective employees check on the status of applications using the same online careers platform. Phone or email follow ups also serve as acceptable methods of checking on applications. Job seekers vying for entry-level positions usually hear back from management within a few days, while potential supervisors receive callbacks within a couple of weeks to a month.

Benefits of Working at Torrid

A general, employee discount applies to all new-hire associates. Competitive base pay, flexible scheduling, and career development programs also serve as attractive draws to work for the fashion company. Full-time employees in managerial roles also receive work benefits packages. Employment benefits provided to qualified associates include:

  • Paid vacation
  • Monthly bonuses
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Life insurance options, and
  • Tuition reimbursement

More Details on Torrid

A retail chain with operations spanning all four seasons, Torrid offers trendy merchandise specific major holidays. Halloween represents one of the most active times of the year for the brand, which sells costumes and themed apparel for plus-sized individuals. Halloween-themed apparel ranges from traditional costumes of classic characters like Red Riding Hood or devils to t-shirts, lingerie, and even socks with printed logos of comic book characters.


  • melissa says:

    I worked for torrid for three years I really enjoy the team effort and the customers. The fashion is really enjoyable to. I never had a day when I said I don’t want to go to work. Everyday was different and I always felt a big part of something, and helping a girl find a dream out fit that they love and want is worth it to me.

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